12th International London Meeting April 29 2023

Hi all!

You’re an impatient bunch haha, I’m about to go on holiday for a week and a half then I’ll be organising everything on my return. I have a couple of ideas but nothing far outside central London so no one needs to worry about that. Usual format of activity in the morning followed by lunch and card signing.

So basically by the start/middle of Feb I’ll have an exact plan for you all. Got to visit some locations and pay some deposits first! (make sure they can handle us crazy Postcrossers haha)

Constanze :slight_smile:


Also if anyone would like to volunteer to do the official card that would be fab!

Can I please be put as a maybe. I am having knee surgery on 12/4 so I don’t know if I will be mobile enough to come. Crutches and London Underground may not be the best idea i have had.

Hi Constanze, thanks for organising the event. I hope you have a good holiday and looking forward to meeting everyone.

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@jugatmos HERE you go… :slight_smile:

Please count me in;)

Hi - I attended the meetup on World postcard Day in October last year and are interested in attending this one - Please keep me in the loop.

Hi, if possible please add @carlat13 and myself to the list. Thank you :grinning:

I’d love to attend this Meetup - but oh, the timing … I will be in London about two weeks later. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m not sure what the status of postcard design is - but I actually got a postcard from a meet up that happened in January in San Fransisco from the guy who designed it. In his profile he offers to design postcards. Just thought it would be worth a mention.

US-9022394 is the card I got. x


Add me to the list, please.

Hello everyone, pleased to meet you, I am Sara from Florence, Italy. If I’m not asking too much is it already possible to request a meet up postcard? Thanks.

Please add me @constanze

Can’t wait for the plans for theme of this MeetUp to be revealed soon.

Hope you had a great 1 week break.

Smiles, Seaview :sun_behind_large_cloud:

I’d like to have more details when available, please!

Hi all!

Most of the plan is now in the description. Tomorrow is pub hunt day so if I don’t get too drunk looking for a suitable one then I’ll update that tomorrow. If I do get too drunk then the new activity for the meetup is retrieve drunk Constanze!

See you all there :slight_smile:


hello, that is fantastic! can you please add me on the list please?

Hi everyone… I’ve a whole load of PHQ postcards (see pic) for sale when I come to the meeting, they’re 50 p each or 12 for £5. Thanks.


Please include me, Elvisiswithme! Many thanks, see you there, I’m super excited!

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Unfortunately I will be in Spain for my sister’s wedding - but I’d love to have some meeting cards if possible!

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Hi dear @constanze unfortunately I can’t come to the meeting so you can skip me from the list.
Wish you a great meeting and if someone wants to swap a meetingcard with me that would be cool.

Maybe another time, another year :tulip:

Greetings from Anke