11th Int. PC-Meeting Bielefeld, 21.-24.10.2021

11th International PostcrossingMeeting in Bielefeld, Germany - second attempt…

:world_map: CITY/REGION : Bielefeld, Germany
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE : Haus Einschlingen —> http://www.einschlingen.de
:alarm_clock: DATE & TIME : 21st to the 24th of October 2021, arrival starting on Thursday at 4 p.m., departure on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Price: € 120,-- or € 175,– (sorry, price adjustment was unavoidable… :frowning: )
two or three overnight stays with full board (breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner) are included.

Dear postcrossing community,

here is the next attempt to let our 11th meeting in the romantic town of Bielefeld in Westphalia happen - I hope that COVID-19 won’t destroy our hopes again…
The price depends on your date of arrival – 120€ from Friday at 16h or 175€ from Thursday.
To start already on Thursday we need at least 30 people who book from Thursday so it pays off for the keepers of the house. Otherwise we can only start on Friday – but I think we will get enough sign-ups for an earlier start. (You don’t have to decide now when to come – it’s ok when you do this some weeks before the meeting when you make the payment.)
Of course you can bring along your partner – we don’t want to discriminate the non-postcrossers… :wink:
The house: Please don’t expect a luxury hotel – it’s more the standard of a youth hostel. Toilets and showers are near the rooms on the same floor. The food is very good (if you wish, vegetarian or vegan).
The house has 55 beds, almost all double rooms and some triple. This time I expect more people to join so booking single rooms will be almost impossible. I’m sorry, but I cannot give a double room to someone if there are other postcrossers out in the cold on the waiting list.
Also the number of day guests is limited to six – the house is not designed for more than 60 people, sorry.
Please notice: Probably, once again this year there will be postcrossers who consider the application procedure to be very unfair, disagree with the fact that there are only six places for day visitors and that many places are already occupied at the opening of this thread. There will be bad feelings in some of them and maybe I will be called an idiot once again. Since there will always be some postcrossers who think so anyway, this time I’ve taken the lead and have already booked one third of the seats in advance. For all those who are already on the list of participants there is a good reason why they are there - help with the organization and implementation, because they have earned it through something, or in one case even a bet I have lost… :wink:
This time there are already more than half of the pIaces occupied - I have added all the people who donated something to Haus Einschlingen because of their financial loss this year.
Thank you for your understanding.
If all places are occupied – don’t be afraid! Just go to the waiting list – last meeting all 31 people from there got the chance to participate! :slight_smile:
There is free WLAN in the house except for the rooms 201-203 on the second floor. Probably we will also have a little guest computer again.
Of course we will do a raffle again – it has become a tradition meanwhile… :wink: If you have something at home you want to get rid off, contribute it as a prize. :wink:
Just like any other meeting I have hosted there I would like to point out this: If you pay and come, than it is YOUR weekend. You don’t have to postcross there. You don’t have to talk. You don’t have to stress yourself. Do what you want to do, just hang out and enjoy YOUR weekend.

If you want to join: Please DO NOT send an U2U! Post your wish here in this thread AND send a mail to PCMEETING@Googlemail.com with your full address, sometime in July/August I will send further information.

You can only sign up for yourself and (maybe) your partner, not for other postcrossers! (except we have talked about this beforehand and I agreed…)

And now: Come on and come!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


And here is the much shrunken

List of participants

  1. Nordbaer - DE
  2. Kroete - DE
  3. Mondkind - DE
  4. Reisegern - DE
  5. Speicher3 - DE
  6. Xtlera - DE
  7. Vara81 - DE
  8. Isagv - DE
  9. Dackelerna - DE
  10. Duesseljin - DE
  11. Knirin - DE
  12. Vara81-2 - DE
  13. Inger71 - NO
  14. Friesendeern - DE
  15. Mondkind2 - DE
  16. Mondfalke - DE
  17. Nadjafee - DE
  18. Nadjafee2 - DE
  19. Desmonia - DE
  20. Knirin2 - DE
  21. Manu86 - DE
  22. Lotty - BE
  23. Sandra0504 - DE
  24. Just_a_second - DE
  25. Nearlyperfect - DE
  26. Teamug - DE
  27. Pumpin - DE
  28. Joeyana - DE
  29. Joeyana2 - DE
  30. Alex0278 - DE
  31. Kugusch - DE
  32. Kugusch2 - DE

Day guests

  1. Andrea209
  2. Bambiix
  3. Durin
  4. Eriberry
  5. Silkie
  6. Axolotl

Waiting list day guests

  1. Silkie - DE - got one!
  2. Jilli1002 - DE
  3. Gape - DE

NO response yet from


Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m … well, over 64 ? Would love to come.


I need you because then we are two over 64… :wink:


I will need you! Still will need you when you are 98 :kiss::heart:


We (=Nadjafee + Mr.) try again… We desperately need something to look forward to!

Please add me somewhere, I’d love to come! :postcrossing:

I’ve sent e-mail

Can you put me on as a dayguest until I have a place.

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Not possible.
But you are No. 1 on the waiting list, this means you will get in for sure… :wink:

Bärchen, I would like to confirm my participation <3 Can’t wait!

It doesn’t matter, if you confirm or not - you HAVE to come! :love_letter:



Just yay!



I would like to join the Meeting - would be cool if you could add me - to the waiting list…


Hi, I live in Bielefeld and would Love to come.
Will be my first Meet-Up and don´t know how it works exactly. Will i be a Day Guest ?
For 1 or more Days? Because i will sleep at Home. Maybe you need help with Something
Greetings Ellen

Dear Ellen,

please send an email with your full name and address to pcmeeting@gmail.com, as mentioned in the first post. I will then put you on the waiting list for day guests. If you have questions (I’m sure you have… :smile: ), just ask them in your mail.

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Can please add me on the waiting list for day guest. I’ll mail you a.s.a.p.

Hey, please count me in and put me on the waiting list, too. Thank you very much!
I’m very excited! :woman_cartwheeling:t2:

Hello everyone :slight_smile: Please count me in for the waitinglist of the day guests. Thank you very mutch! Greetings.

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Hello, I would like to be on the waiting list, it would be my first meeting! :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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My very first time in the new forum.
Just HAD to post something here first :smile:
Hope everyone is safe and sound and looking forward to seeing everyone again in October.