11th Int. PC-Meeting Bielefeld, 21.-24.10.2021

Welcome, dearest Lady! :love_letter:

It would be so great to meet you all again in October :slight_smile:


Pls put me on the waiting list.

Please put me on the waiting list.

Please put me on the waiting list


Hello Nordbear, please put me and my fiancé (well until then he will hopefully be my husband) Josef Haydn on the waiting list. Josef is not a postcrosser (yet?) but he would love to join me for this event.

Please a place for Day guest

waiting list for day guests is full, sorry.

done. :slight_smile:

Hello Nordbear, could you please set me on the waiting list? If you planning the rooms, i could go together in a three Person room with joeyana, because i know her and her boyfriend privately.

please send email as described in the first post.

Hello Norbear,
if possible, i would like to be put on the waiting list for day guests for the meeting in bielefeld. I live approx. 30 km from the conference venue and it has always been my greatest wish to meet Postcrossers in person and to exchange ideas. :blush:
email is sent to you already

happy postcrossing, best regards


I am sorry, but the waiting list for day guests is full, no more participants possible…

Hello nordbear, can you put me on the waiting list for the meeting, please. The e-mail is coming soon.

I would love to be put on the waiting list, please.
You already have my address, @Nordbaer :grin:

I hope the meeting will take place despite the pandemic and I hope I will be able to participate. I might have to bring my little daughter and maybe my husband too (who doesn’t know anything about this yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

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yes, I have your address, dear @lauranalanthalasa, but I still need an email with your address - for my records, and, most of all, to get your email-address, so I can send you further information when the time has come…

No problem. Email is sent.

Kann ich noch auf die Warteliste?

yes you can.
please read the first post and send the required email.
The German meeting thread is here: [MEET-UP] IPCM 11 - Bielefeld 21.-24.10.2021 - Language & Geographical Communities / German - Deutsch - Postcrossing Community