11 February 2023 - The Valentine's Day Meetup - real thing!

I’m happy to announce!

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Vienna
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Bistro “Zakopane”, Lerchenfelder Str. 138, 1080 Wien
:calendar: DATE: 11.02.2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Due to the wet weather, only lunch and postcard stamping will take place. Feel invited to learn more about Polish cuisine and tell the stories of the origins of the festival of lovers in Austria.

Dress code (for fun): wear something red or the Valentine’s Day related :slight_smile: it can be a really small thing, no worries

The actual list of participants:

  1. Vessuvia :poland: :austria:
  2. ollah4 :austria:
  3. Robin67 :austria:
  4. Tilda_Apfelkern :hungary:
  5. Meixi :austria:
  6. Bock :austria:
  7. honeybee :austria:
  8. chrisgri :austria:
  9. haweiup :austria:
  10. Danube :austria:
  11. ooma :austria:
  12. zuzulik :slovakia:
  13. radiofan :austria:
  14. barbara58 :austria:
  15. daisy169 :austria:
  16. Luckystarshine :austria:
  17. schneggisabrina :switzerland:
  18. Lisa1402 :austria:
  19. Windixxie :austria:
  20. izolda_moly :hungary:
  21. gforp :denmark: :poland:
  22. amaterasu98 :austria:

And here’s the first proposal for a meetup postcard:

and the second one:

If you like them, let me know, how many should I order for you :slight_smile: both got aproved by the Postcrossing administrators.
To the Postcrossers, who already ordered the one with the heart: please write to me, if you also would like to have the one with coffee :slight_smile:

Likely order date at the printer shop: 9.01.2022 // Voraussichtliches Bestelldatum bei der Druckerei: 9.01.2022


Sounds great - I’d like to join, please! :slight_smile:


Super! :hugs:

Something to look forward to! :heart:


I would love to join the Valentine’s Meetup :heart: please add me to the list


I’d like to join. Please add me to the list.


I will be glad to exchange))

Can you put me as maybe on the list. Have to wait if I can get off on that weekend. Can only confirm mid January


Hello, I would like 25 pieces of the meeting card. Thank you.

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What a beautiful card! Is anyone would like to swap?

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I would like to swap this card.Could anyone help me with it?For return I can send you a card from China.Please contact me if you are interested in,I will show you the offer

I am looking forward to our meetup. For this event I have also designed a meetup card.

If you would like to order some postcards, please let me know it until January 7th.


I’d like to order 20 meeting cards, please, Vesuvia! Thank you! :smiley:


Is there a minimum of cards to get if I‘d like to get some? :thinking:

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I have never been to a Postcrossing meetup before.
But I am very curious and would love to join this one! :slight_smile:


I would love to order 10 of your postcards, please.

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Hello Lisa, I have noticed your number. Welcome to our group. :slight_smile: I will send the order to the printing company tomorrow.

Dear Ollah, how many would you like to get? There is no minimum :slight_smile: sorry to answer so late but I enjoyed my long Christmas-New Year holidays.

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Beautiful :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: check the other one too! I’m not done with the orders yet :slight_smile:

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Got you on the list! :wink: