10 December 2022 - Meetup and Cookie Exchange Renton Washington

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Renton, Washington USA
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Renton Library 100 Mill Ave S, Renton, 98057
:calendar: DATE: 10 December 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1-3 PM (Pacific time)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Bring your postcards and pens, stamps, stickers, and tape, and two dozen cookies! Let’s sign each others cards, share some winter/holiday ideas, and gather up a variety of cookies to enjoy back with families and friends. I’ll bring special bags for you to collect cookies, and you bring the cookies! It would be great if you were able to make copies of your recipe to share with the group.
I won’t be making a special postcard for this meetup, but if anyone else is interested, please let us know. (I do have some Postcrossing Meetup stickers to put on regular postcards if you want to use any.) I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


Wish I could join you - sounds like fun!

I hope to attend. Not sure about the cookies part. I would need help making a card for the event since I have never made a card. Can it be original art or does it have to be computer generated art

You can just bring any of your favorite postcards to use, or you could find some seasonal/holiday cards. (I just made some Christmas postcards I’m going to use.) I usually just do 10 at a meetup.

I’ll be there, although I may skip the cookie exchange part if that’s ok. I’d love to get some of your Christmas cards ahead of time, Kay! Unless we decide on a custom card. Maybe @KeeksWanderer will make one again?

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@tbt924 and @kburrell wow!!! This sounds like fun! I’d love to attend.

If I make one I’ll let you know. I’ll see what I can find in the next week and craft some designs.

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I just posted my two designs on the PSPG FB page. :grin:


That would be great! :grin::heart:

Yayyy for a custom meetup card designed by Keeks! I’ll plan on getting some from you and save Kay’s Christmas cards for the holiday sends. Thank you both!

Greg and I will be there. He’s already put in his order for the cookie that he wants me to bake :smiley:


Here are my cards that will be available at the meetup if you want. :blush::christmas_tree::mailbox:


I’m planning to attend. How does a cookie exchange work? (how many cookies, does everybody get a cookie from everyone else, do we swap plates of cookies, etc)

Hi Hallie,
Bring 24 cookies and you’ll get a cookie from each participant. Bring copies of your recipe if you can. Should be fun! :grin:

Dang it! I already have plans so will have to miss this one too.

I will plan to go, So excited!

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Those are lovely cards!

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Hello all! I designed a meet-up idea if we also want that.
As of November 13th - I have not ordered cards.
November 20th-25th, I will let each one know cost of cards… it will be helpful to do these on Thanksgiving.
I will order cards November 26th weekend, for those who have placed their “orders”.
Payment can be sent via Venmo or PayPal to me.

If you want your cards sent to you prior to the Meet-Up, let me know, I will add on shipping for your payment before I send your cards to you.
If you want to pick them up at the meetup, let me know.

I would prefer payment prior to ordering the cards.

Please DM me with your “orders”, it will be easier to keep track that way vs. making sure I don’t miss anyone in the forum. For those who have already commented in forum, I will send you a DM with confirmation of your requested number of cards.

Back of Card [updated with ID/FROM]:

For the Front:
Skyline Graphic:

I will use the Canva Platform the print them.

Dead line will be November 20th if you want to order some. The more people order the lower the price each will be.
As of Canva prices right now - they fluctuate.
100 postcards = 33cents each
200 postcards = 25cents each
And so on

If Canva changes prices, I will let everyone know and use a different platform.


These are beautiful!!!
Over or under the state facts, how about an ID-_________ and a From _________ ? Often I have trouble with receiving a meetup card and not knowing who sent it.
10 for me please.


That this is a wonderful theme for a meetup. As I am living in Germany I can’t attend, but I might steel the idea for a meet-up in the future. :sweat_smile:

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I love it! I agree with the suggestion to add the ID:________ and From_________ details.
I’d like 10 please.