1 October 2021 - London Meetup at Stampex Stamp Show

I’d like to come, please put me on the list

@JennyAssis convinced me! Pop me down :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there! Yay!

By the way, I create a group purchase for the WPD 2021 postcard :blush:

I will be there!
please put me on the list

I’ll be there on the Friday, count me in too!

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@constanze thank you for organizing the MeetUp. There are only 10 spots and it looks like 16 people have asked for a spot, if there is space, please can I have a spot?

The talk by the Postal Museum is at 11am for 1 hour. Do we meet afterwards at 12pm, at a Postcrossing booth?

Please keep me updated.

FYI everyone. The Stampex show is free on Friday 1st October, but looks like you need to register for a ticket.



Hi all! Just updated some details in the main post, hopefully that should answer some questions!

I’ll send out more detailed information closer to the event :slight_smile:

I would love to swap a card from the London meeting! Maybe one of the participants wants to message me, to discuss the details? Thank you!

Would love to come, sign me up.

I’m interested, please sign me up :slight_smile:

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I have printed some meet-up cards which I will bring on1 October.


Hello, I will also be attending the show on the Friday so would love to come say hello to everyone.

I have got 50 World Postcard Day cards printed and won’t be able to get through them all before then so will have some to swap/ give away. Looking forward to seeing everyone :slight_smile:


oh No I was waiting so long and meeting is on Friday :frowning: any chance that we can meet on Friday at later hours?

Please add me to o your updates, would like to attend

Can you remove me from the list, please? I sadly can’t attend anymore :hushed: … Thank you

I’m trying to get annual leave from work, so fingers crossed might be there :slight_smile:

Hello! I would like to attend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please add me to the list.

Just messaged everyone!

If we have any late sign ups just send me a message or a text on 07891936296 :slight_smile: