1 October 2021 - London Meetup at Stampex Stamp Show

:world_map: CITY/REGION: London
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Business Design Centre, Islington
:calendar: DATE: 01/10/2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: As below

Hi everyone,

Stampex (the biggest stamp show in the UK) will be putting on a Postcrossing meetup at their show. The current schedule is-

11am- Talk about the 151st Anniversary of the Postcard by the Postal Museum in the Spink auditorium
12pm- Peter Cockburn will be doing a short presentation about his postcard collection in the Youth Zone
12:15pm- Postcard signing in either the Youth Zone or the Collectors Lounge

Please note you will also need to register online for the Stampex event but I’ll send out details of how to do this when I send out confirmation messages before the event.

Just comment below if you’d like to come and I’ll keep you updated!

Constanze :slight_smile:


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I am happy to attend. The time is OK but a bit later would be better as it is a weekday.

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Really looking forward to it, add me to list plz!

I’m interested to attend…

I planned to be there on the first day 29th Sept ( First pick at the bargains ) and the last day 2nd Oct hopefully, but could change that. It’s a shame the meet-up isn’t on the Saturday when travel from the Provinces is a fraction of the cost and there are no peak restrictions but I guess the Postal museum set the date and agenda. Regards D

I’d love to attend if possible, please do sign me up :slight_smile: But I could join just after work as it is on a Friday. A weekend date may be helpful for many others to join, perhaps?

Hi, put me down as a possible for now, just looking at train times and get ok from GF… lol


Please put me down on the list. I should be able to make it.

Interested, sign me up!

Yes - please add me to the attendance list for updates, @constanze. :slightly_smiling_face:


Normally I would be extremely keen to attend, but I expect to have an operation in the very near future, so I won’t be able to make it this time. Maybe next time…

Hi would like to try and attend also

So sad this is not at the weekend. Cannot get off work. Hope there’s another UK meet-up soon!!


I’d like to join!!!

I’m in @constanze :blush:

I’d like to come, please put me on the list

@JennyAssis convinced me! Pop me down :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there! Yay!

By the way, I create a group purchase for the WPD 2021 postcard :blush: