Zines Chat


in this thread, we can chat about anything about zines, including mini zines.

if you do not know them, just go to youtube and you will see what they are like.

i actually made a thread called Do You Make Zines? in Everything Else (Other) section a year ago but it only have had about 300 views total and i am a bit sad about it. so i decided to create this thread here in handmade section so hopefully it will have more views by people.

dear moderators and admins people, if you think this is a double post about zines, could you merge and close the thread by me about zines in Everything Else (Other) section, not here? i really appreciate it.

let us chat about zines in general here!


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Hi @clubpostcards, I merged both your topics about zines into one topic, it’s all in the #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery category now. Feel free to change the headline and the contents of the other topic in a way that suits your idea best.

I also saw that you asked an admin to do exactly that before.
You can move any of your own topics into another category if you edit the headline of your topic. There you can also select the category.

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