Zero Waste Postcrossing


I found a topic regarding zero waste best practices in life, however, can you share your zero waste / low impact Postcrossing-related tips, please? Mine so far are:

  • Mechanical pencil is my main writing utensil (except for writing addresses and card codes). I was able to find refills by Muji and Kaweko that are not in plastic tubes. I am kind of curious about fountain pens, though. Are they worth exploring?

  • Love looking at stickers but very conservative when it comes to buying them. Just got tiny cute ones with about 50 stickers per sheet and hope this one will last me for a long time as a little decoration at the end of the postcard message.

  • I try to avoid postcards that come in clear sleeves.

  • I got a bit into drawing so have a few pencils of the colors I needed. I haven’t painted since childhood but would love try again and maybe make some cards. I see that one can buy individual watercolor paint in little blocks. Is that possible for gouache also?

  • It is fun to dig through boxes of cards at vintage stores and finding particularly interesting ones. That being said, I feel bad writing on the card itself as there are such fascinating details in the back like a place for “One Cent Stamp” etc. So, that is a minor source of cards for me.

Would appreciate your suggestions! Thank you!

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