Zero postcards received by New Postcrosser


Today (August 28, 2021), I received a lovely postcard from someone in China. There are lovely stamps, yet no name or message. The card was sent in May. I registered it right away, yet I encountered a sad sight.

The postcrosser had joined in April and has now had only 2 cards registered and has received zero cards. I plan to send one, and I wondered how else we could help this individual become more included in Postcrossing.

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I would check the last day they visited, although this does seem a little weird. 4 months seems like a very long sending delay.

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I had a look at their profile - to be fair, it doesn’t look so off to me. Their first card got registered a bit more than 2 months ago, meaning their first card has been on the way for a while. Well, it might be an unfortunate card that got expired. Their second card will be on the way soon, and cards to China can take a long time, too.


:thinking: what’s the problem? We all have to start from zero. The new member only sent 2 postcards and yours was the second registered, and looking at your profile it took a very long time.

It’s possible that there are cards on the way to this person, China can take a long time. It’s possible that this member’s address was never picked because they were last seen 2 months ago and their first card was registered 2 months ago. So the address wouldn’t have gone in the pool. Sadly, it’s possible this person has given up seeing everything is so slow…
You say you want to send them a postcard which is up to you but to get the address you’ll have to send a message to them and looking at the profile I’d be very surprised if they reply. There’s lots of abandoned profiles like that. Would they have stayed if things moved a bit more quickly? Who can tell…


I didn’t receive my first postcard for a year, because I set myself to inactive. Other than that, I agree with the previous poster.

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Oh, and there is also the possibility that this person has received something and hasn’t bothered registering it… Somehow, I think in this case that’s not so likely, but it also happens all the time, to the frustration of active members…


I bet that this member will not comeback :sweat_smile:
They are young and speak 3 languanges but their profile are empty.


I thought that perhaps the person had the 5 beginning postcards and that 4, and now 3, are “at large” since April. Now I see perhaps the person sent only the 2. My postcard was postmarked May, so the card was in limbo somewhere. Maybe the other 3 will show up too. But like you said, perhaps they were discouraged.

I also see that my experience so far has been pretty “expedient!”

I think it is ok for 4 months because not all users are using air mail and 3 months is estimated delivery time by surface. May be that’s a surface mail user. I like air mail because it is faster also more expensive.


No its not a long delay. Early this month I got a card from China which was dated September 2020, means 11 months delay. :grinning:

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When I first joined postcrossing back in March 2019, I didn’t Max out my 5 postcard allowance.
I was weary of how postcrossing worked.

So I sent only one postcard and waited till one was recieved and registered until I drew a new one. Gradually as I understood and got into how postcrossing worked I sent more and ofcourse maxed out my postcard allowances.

Maybe this postcrosser is doing the same?

also for me the initial cost of sending postcards was an issue, I didn’t keep a haul of stamps at home so always had to go the post office, so sending lots of postcards at the beginning wasn’t an option, now I pretty much have an allocated budget for purchasing definitive and special stamps, as I now class myself a more seasoned postcrosser


We don’t know if that person sent 5 straight away or just those 2, but I assumed they took it easy. The one you received was sent in May, the previous one in April, so they didn’t use up the 5 slots on the first day, but we can’t know if there is anything more taking its time around the world.

And yes actually when I saw your profile earlier I was very impressed that you joined in January and already had 88 sent, especially as the USA have been mostly painfully slow (well, mostly to send to) since the pandemic started. I checked my stats out of curiosity, I sent 60 from January to now (I have like 15-16 slots, I don’t even know as it’s more than enough for me).

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Hi everyone!
I joined postcrossing with my sister early January this year. I currently have 7 sent and 6 traveling. No received at all. Is this normal? My sister who joined around the same time has 5 sent and 2 received. To be honest, I’m getting quite worried about it. Can I get some advice about this?

thank you

Normal. I rejoined in late Aug 2021, I received my first batch of cards late October. Maybe next month you’ll get your first batch of cards. Good luck!

You never know where you will get cards from, maybe if it’s from country with “slow” postal service, it may take a while… few covid restrictions are still in places. Could be the factor too.

In the meantime, you can always participate in tags and lottery :raised_hands: here on the forum


that’s reassuring to know! i hope they dont get lost or anything. thank you :pray:t2:

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@reinesjournal I’m sorry, I moved you to the wrong Topic, but now you are on the right place.

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I looked to your sent cards an saw that the 1st card was registered 35 days ago.
After that your address was given out to another postcrosser.
Now look to the stats of an active postcrosser of your country - you can see that the travel times are mostly longer:

travel times

thank you for looking into this. i’ll just wait and hope they arrive safely :slightly_smiling_face:

welcome to postcrossing! no need to worry, the first few months are just not that fun if you live in a country with slow postal service. or your cards are coming from a country with slow postal service, you never know.
after a while when you send out cards regularly, you will receive them more evenly as well. your cards might still travel for 3 months but you’ll notice it less.
cards do get lost sometimes, they’ll expire. but i’m sure that won’t happen with all your first cards.
and as someone said before, joining tags or other games on this forum are definitely fun and will speed up things a bit. enjoy!