Your method for choosing favourites [closed]

Do you have secret method for looking for postcards to mark as favourites? I’m especially interested in Postcrossers who have LOTS of favorites but don’t mail out many postcards.

Sometimes I look at one of my favorites and see who else liked it, then I go look at the postcards they sent out.

Some people accumulate large numbers of them.
Apparently the most you can mark as faves is 100,000.

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Hi, I don’t have a method. Just marking whenever I see an amazing card -
or one sent to me that I like more than average.


I keep mine at 100 at most and often consider quite carefully what to keep on the list. I find it very useful to have a visual way to illustrate some of my card interests.

I agree the best way to find cards to favourite is to look through the favourites of people you share the interest with.


My method is very secret, none is allowed to know, even myself does still riddle what kind of method it is.

No seriously, most of the favorites are postcards I got (would say 95%) and of those I consider the picture, the stamp and the text. So it might get a favorites if just one thing of this favours me. So even for example, if the picture is ugly, but the text was interesting and the stamp was extraordinary, it gets fevorite.

And the rest 5% (not sent to me) are, the pictureside favours me, but I normally don’t surf sent postcards.


I “favourite” a lot of mine received to show appreciation to the sender and I have added a number of other cards that I’ve spotted that I’ve admired for various reasons. I don’t ask anyone to check my favourites as I’m happy with any card they wish to send and the sender has my profile to guide them, but at the end of the day if they like the card that’s great and it kind of fits to me that’s great too.


Not really a secret or special. My profile might not tell much about cards I like so I use the favourites to give an idea to those who wants to focus on selecting cards. It is only cards I have already received and I try to make it a collection of styles and topics I find interesting, though there are also few faved because I liked the message extra much. I am mostly seeking to add different styles and keep the number low so it is easy to get an idea by a quick glance around. So sometimes I don’t fave a card I liked because have already faved something of similar style (instead I will write more exciting thank you message).

But when I had my first account I was more interested on how cards looked and then I used to seek for people who like similar things than I do, and then fave from their faves. That was very effective method! I also used to check countries that are known of things I liked, for example I really loved tulip cards back then so I would check the Netherlands for tulip cards to fave. And Puffins. Goodness I loved Puffins so much it made no sense anymore. Norway, UK and Iceland had lots of Puffin cards.

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Yeah, I just mark it if I think it’s a cool card I’d
like to recieve. :grin:

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Me too! :slight_smile:

And if I see the wall / album of someone who likes the same cards AND these kind of cards aren’t seen very often then I browse this wall / Album.

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I’m a little jealous of people who can articulate clearly what kind of postcards they like the most. As I study my truly random collection of favorites hoping that I can somehow rhyme or reason what appeals to me the most, I get even more confused, lol. As far as method, I just glance at the recent pages of sent cards every time I visit this site and “favorite” whichever ones jump out at me. There’s not really a right or wrong to this. :blush:


I do this too!
I just started browsing tho so my collection is still small, but this method is the easiest for me haha


well i had a great time going through your favourites :grin:

i don’t favourite cards i’ve received (well maybe 2 or 3 i think) for 2 reasons. i don’t want to make people feel bad when i don’t favourite their card, and also i don’t want two of the same wall pages. i love scrolling through my favourites wall and see all these wonderful cards i don’t have.
i find them by going through the latest received cards on the homepage and sometimes through the forum. i visit a lot of profiles out of curiousity or when i send someone a card. takes me longer to scroll through everyone’s cards than writing my card :sweat_smile: so no method, just curiousity. and maybe a bit of procrastinating sometimes.


My favorites are almost all the postcards I received :sweat_smile:

I only choose favorites from the cards I’ve received. I like most of them, but some of them really touch my heart let’s say.

My favourites are the ones that I like most. Sometimes it is just based on that feeling what I get from the card, even to someone else two cards would be very similar. For example, I like horses, but I don’t automatically add every horse card what I receive to the favourites.

No I don’t have a method. I just favorite what I love.

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