Your favorite 💌 postcard you sent officially

My favourites from my sent cards is teach people write hello and love in Chinese. :grinning:


those are so nice!!

very much cute ever!

i haven’t sent many cards yet, but these are definitely my favorites :blush:



I’m hesitating between two…
The first is a maximum postcard that I got in Ornans when he hosted Gustave Courbet’s painting of the origin of the world.

The second is also a maximum postcard on the post office with europa stamp (French delivery mail).

A vintage postcard with Cindy Crawford

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My favorite cards that I sent:
hand heart with sunset and Oriental Pearl TV Tower:

the Milky Way on the Great Wall:

shaped hello kitty mailbox card that I bought from my trip at Japan

cute cat on the sakura tree:


I think this is one of my favorite cards that i send.

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I really enjoy these!:

(Supporting cancer research, but the flower design is also quite lovely!)

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I really love that last maneki-neko one especially!

My favourite at the moment is probably this Eiffel Tower Edition Tausendschön card, at least partly because of the memories associated with sending it from the Champs Élysées during a day-trip to Paris!


This one from my trip to Japan

And this one from my day in Liechtenstein


These two are my favourites so far. I think the photography of the second has a superb composition!
I have another BIG favourite travelling, I really do hope it’ll reach without issues!


For someone who likes Trains

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I have the same problem! I do have some vintage postcards that are literally 100 years old and I am thinking of just reprinting them for my personal use since there is no way of finding back-ups again.

I haven’t had a chance to send many just yet. This is my favorite so far.

As far as sent and registered go, this one has to be my favourite:

Not because it is actually beautiful or anything - I mean, it’s a ballpoint pen & whiteout doodle on a piece of an old folder - but it was really fun to make and send.

Update: the favourite I sent did reach without issues indeed!!