Your country whether have military free mail?

China’s “Free mail for conscripts” postmark.


We don’t have conscription or military service here in the UK. There is the British Forces Post Office service for members of the armed forces with special postmarks, but the same stamps are used as in the UK, so same prices.

When I was in the US Navy, the FPO, Fleet Post Office, did not require stamps on a letter I would send from the Philippines to a friend in Japan, But any letters home used the same postage that we used in the USA. I think that someone from a combat zone gets free postage, but I’m not sure.

We don’t have military free mail I think (I’m not sure), but there are these pre-paid envelopes some companies use.

When I worked at the U.S. Postal Service, I remember that, during the war with Iraq, I saw a piece of mail sent by a member of the U.S. military who was stationed over there. He had ripped a piece of cardboard off of a box that had contained “Meals Ready to Eat,” wrote a note on it, and sent it to someone in the U.S; no envelope, and no postage, as none was required.


In Russia in the early 90s, when I was doing military service on conscription, there were triangular stamps in red, which were affixed on outgoing letters of conscripts at the headquarters of a military unit. And now I have come across special envelopes with the letter “A”, which are apparently issued to servicemen upon conscription free of charge for letters to relatives and friends. Such envelopes cannot be found on free sale in post offices.

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I do remember my letters that did not go back to the USA, had no postage, no postmark, nothing, so maybe that mail was just handled by Navy personnel and not handled by USPS at all. I’ve heard the mail was free from combat zones, but never thought how they might know whether or not it was from such a place.

but not free for military officers

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One of the nice things about the US military mail is it travels at domestic price. I used to fill boxes with stuff to FOB in Iraq/Afghanistan for the medium box price (think it was $15)…if it was considered international mail it would have cost a fortune!

Don’t know if they are considered military mail but all Russian cosmonauts who have at least reached space are entitled to lifetime free mail. NASA astronauts don’t have this luxury.


wow,thanks :-)i know this

I did not know this and it’s a pretty cool fact!

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