You know you're a Postcrosser when

Oh, I have one more!
I was in charge of big conference. The whole process was disturbing, I was nervous. The night before the event I couldn’t sleep, started to think if everything is ok, what if I miss something (I was responsible for everything starting from the communication with participants to the furniture arrangements :woman_facepalming:t3::laughing:)? Then a thought blinked in my brain: I did miss, something’s wrong.
“My Christmas robin cards!!!” I had several cards left and I forgot to sign and send them because of work. So…
There was me, sitting in the pile of cards, washis, glittery stickers at 3 a.m. praying to postal gods to deliver all this before the holiday. For the whole three hours I stopped thinking about work))


You’re on the ball about postal increases :face_with_peeking_eye:


When you choose café for a meeting and your choice parameters include: ‘do they have free ad cards inside?’


You know you’re a postcrosser when anytime you walk into a gift shop you see if they have postcards lol.


Ohh I know that feeling have bought four sets of cards but am loathe to beak them up now.

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… When you eventually know

  • UAE, QATAR, Jamaica, Bahamas, Belize, Fiji, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Guyana, Gambia, Tuvalu, … don’t have Postal codes.
  • and Some have only one postcode for the entire country/territory:
    • Gibraltar - GX11 1AA
    • Christmas Island - 6798
    • Vatican - 00120
    • Macao - 999078
  • Gabon has 2 numbers, and Iceland, Bahrain, Madagascar, Oman, … have 3 number postcodes
  • Some places have two postcodes like Germany’s/swiss exclave/enclave Büsingen to forward mail easily
  • There is one Remote encoding facility in Utah that decodes all US unreadable addresses by USPS
  • You can mail message on Potato or Bricks or coconut in US
  • 29 cent Pluto: Not yet explored stamp is the farthest travelled one in New Horizons.
  • Universal Postal Union (UPU) under the United Nations coordinates postal policies; terminal dues for postal carriers to remunerate other countries’ carriers were implemented in 1971 and are now based on country-tiered groups from development indexes.

As far as I know, Hong Kong too!

I don’t know if it is the most appropriate place but I think so. True story. At the airport I go through hand luggage control and they call me. Could I open the suitcase? I see something big square here. Yes, they are postcards. He looks at me with a face of understanding: ah, postcards, but so many? yes all postcards. Do I open it? no, actually it’s not necessary anymore :woman_shrugging: I felt tremendously postcrosser


When the Postal Clerk at my post office wants to wish my fellow post crossers Merry Christmas!!


Ykyapw …
… you write your third card of the day, and you wonder why the postal code is so familiar. Then you check and realize: the card goes to the same village your first card of the day goes too.

Note1: apparently the postal code was a combination I did remember for a few hours, more than the village’s name
Note2: okay, there are about 10k inhabitants in that area. Still it’s a cool coincidence that I’m sending two cards there on the same day.
Note3: resp. coinc2: I’ve sent to one user three years ago, but the card got lost. I hope for the best this time

Merry postcrossing y’all


Ah yes!! Lol

Before making your morning coffee you check Postcrossing site!


As late as that? :smile:



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If you have to go outside for some reason - and postpone it because you think: “Oh, that’s a good opportunity to draw an adress and write a card before”, so you can combine whatever important thing you intended to do with taking a card to the mailbox. :smile: :postbox:


Amusingly, I sometimes sort of invert this: there’s some out-of-the-house chore which I really don’t feel like doing … but if I were to go out, I could also swing by the post office to mail a few cards and maybe restock stamps. Hmmmmm … tempting … :thinking:


When it’s extremely windy and rainy and you go outside to rescue the postcards the mailwoman just delivered before they can get wet.


… when you do a little midnight walk to take your cards safely to the mailbox before the heavy storm is coming … have a calm night or day!


When you don’t know what is week number, date or even if it’s day or night but you know if it’s mail delivery day or not :laughing: (in my hometown day mail is delivered on mondays, wednesdays and fridays on every other week and on tuesdays and thursdays on other weeks.)


When your coffee is getting cold because you register cards …

It took only 3 official cards to have my coffee - too hot to drink in the beginning - cool down to almost iced coffee :grin: