You know you're a Postcrosser when

Those look really fun and cool, and what a great way to recycle packaging!

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Postcards and KFC - that’s a day well spent :smiley:


My postlady asked me if everything is okay because there were less cards than usual the last weeks…


The clerk looks at the pile of cards you are buying and says: “Those will last for a year…or won’t they?” And you aren’t quite sure whether to shock him further by admitting that actually they won’t…


The same happened to me while playing “The Division 1”

At the base where some racks full with postcards and I watched them instead of following my team mates :see_no_evil:


And then when you measure biweekly sent cards in centimeters rather than a number


And when you receive an inch high stack of postcards in one day’s mail :rofl:


When you actually notice what days the postman is on strike…


YkyraP when …

you buy plenty of postcards (=77) during your 11-days-round-trip-vacation abroad, to support all the tiny tourist shops and local publishers and village museums …
… but you buy mainly generic, not-too-specific themes (like animals) because you know about the ‘only-matching-from-your-home’-fetish some users have developed.

(of course I know I can send whatever I want ;-))

edit: in my first draft, I had ~40 cards, and even thought I exaggerate a bit to make my point. Turns out, I bought 77 cards. Take that, bank balance :wink:


I dislike this fetish. I got a really cool card of a urang utang that said: greetings from Malaysia. I looked at the written side and thought: ‘hmm this is German.’ I then looked at the stamp and I thought: ‘Ah the other day I bought these stamps myself.’ I read the card, thanked the person while registering and went on with my day.

For me it doesn’t matter much, for some it means the world. For me it’s annoying they want Dutch stamp while I live close to Germany and send my post there. I find the German stamps look a lot cooler. Don’t believe me? I can proof it pretty much.

Also it’s ironic the part of Germany where I send my cards from, has been a part of the Netherlands after world war 2, Germany was more or less forced to give it to the Netherlands. And then it was given back.

When I am there I see a lot of Dutch license plates and there are a lot of Dutch people living there. I guess if they would go to Amsterdam and back to Germany, they would just post it in Germany out of convenience.

That’s not to say I don’t understand them. However I often think… What makes it so important? That country and stamp match?

I got some North Korean propaganda cards for those that like them, but you cannot expect me to send those from North Korea.

Ah well this is more a rant from my side, and when you wrote about it I wanted to react.


You wait outside the postoffice to open and one of the staff comes up to you and ask if you were there to buy stamps.


I am somewhere in the middle of this debate (as a sender; as a recipient, I hardly care where ID/card/stamp is from). I can understand people wanting a ‘complete match’, but on the other side I don’t like this purist dogma per se. But there are some other threads where this is discussed, like the one given, so better we stay with YkyraP here


…If you have your own stamp dispenser :slight_smile:


@Schwarzwaldalex Ooooh, I want one of those! I wonder if it fits US stamps? :thinking:


When you think every 4"x6" card has the possibility of being a postcard .


The slots have a width of 0,8 inch or 2,3 centimeters. A problem here in Germany is the fact, that all new stamps have a matrixcode and they are all bigger that this “nomal sized” stamps. So sooner or later we cannot buy stamp rolls of this. There are some values now no more available.


I see postcrossing everywhere. We should make PB a country and mail playmobil cards only!


When you visit a museum mostly because it might have a shop that might have postcards.


When your local post office staff and your postman and the shop you buy your postcards from all known you by name.


My husband and I do that all the time! A few years ago he had the idea to do a raid on the Chicago Loop Museum area gift shops, one after the other. Lots of fun. He made a game of parking as close to the entrance as possible; me, of shopping as quickly as possible.