Yo quiero un amigo de postales -- espanol por favor!

Lo siento yo soy estudiantes de espanol. Yo quiero un amigo de postales para principiante espanol. Adyuar mi apender por favor?

(I’m sorry I’m a student of Spanish. I want a postcard friend to practice Spanish. Help me learn?)


Hi Contessa! Sorry to step in like this and also not answering in Spanish, but I saw that your post went away unanswered and I wanted to tell you why (why I think it happened, that is!).

On January 1st, Correos España raised its fees as they do every year, but this time the raise was quite steep, and it now costs 2.10€ to send a postcard to the States. Most of the postcrossers in the Spanish community are located in Spain, so it is incredibly expensive for us to send postcards to the USA. We’ve discussed many times that whenever we draw official addresses, getting USA (or Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Russia, as they are all in the same rate) is a big bummer for us. That’s why I think no one (at least from Spain) has answered your message.

However, if you want to send and receive postcards in Spanish, you can always join the games and tags we have in the Spanish part of the forum! Sending a card to the States every once in a while is of course no problem, but doing it on the regular is what becomes really expensive for us :slight_smile:

Here you have the Spanish Tag you can join :smile:


Thank you very much! I appreciate the English since I’m obviously learning Spanish and a long explanation would require google translate (which I’m trying my best to avoid) I’ll snoop the Spanish tag! :slight_smile: I think an email friend could also be nice.

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Apreciada amiga LittleCricket, yo estaría dispuesto a intercambiar correo (postales y cartas, lo que prefieras) para que puedas aprender español. Lo dejo en tus manos. Considérate parte de mi familia.
Puedes mandarme un mensaje privado cuando lo consideres adecuado.
Un abrazo muy fuerte desde Valencia.

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