Year of Rabbit

What is your favorite card on year of Rabbit you have receievd this year?

The Year of the Rabbit is one of the 12-year cycle of animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. It is also known as the Year of the Hare, and it occurs every 12 years, with the last one being in 2011. According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in the Year of the Rabbit are believed to have certain personality traits and characteristics.

The rabbit is seen as a symbol of luck, peace, and longevity in Chinese culture. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are thought to be calm, gentle, and sensitive. They are also said to be good listeners, compassionate, and artistic. These individuals are thought to have a strong sense of intuition and are able to pick up on the emotions of others.

Rabbits are also known for their intelligence and quick thinking. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are believed to be resourceful, creative, and able to solve problems efficiently. They are thought to be good with money and have a talent for business.

In addition to these personality traits, people born in the Year of the Rabbit are also believed to be lucky in love. They are thought to be romantic, faithful, and loyal to their partners. However, they can also be prone to mood swings and may need time alone to recharge their batteries.

Overall, the Year of the Rabbit is seen as a time of peace, harmony, and good luck. It is a time to focus on relationships, both romantic and platonic, and to cultivate a sense of compassion and understanding towards others. Whether you were born in the Year of the Rabbit or not, it is a good time to embrace these qualities and strive for a more balanced and harmonious life.


I have been arranging swaps for a friend who just got a rabbit. Here are some of the lovely cards she has received so far


I haven’t received many Year of the Rabbit cards, but this one was a freebie from the Postal Museum in Kaohsiung: