Write Back My Postcard

I am looking for a few people in the US only to trade these cards with. I have MANY cards i bought that i want in my collection but have no one to send them to me. I would like to send them to someone in an envelope, and have them write on the cards and send them back to me. I will also do this for anyone else interested. I dont want to do a RR so please dont link me to that post/ group. I would like to find about 5 trustworthy people to do this with long term.

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Hello @triciafischer
Because you wrote that you are only looking for people in the US I moved your request to here.

@triciafischer I would be happy to send some of your cards back to you, and have you do the same for me.


@pammykay I sent you a PM

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I would like to participate, should i send a PM?

Happy to do so if you still need people!

Anyone else interested? :slight_smile:

Iā€™m interested :blush: Please send a PM

All your cards have been sent back