WPD meeting Brugge- 30 september 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Brugge, Belgium
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Station Brugge in the front
:calendar: DATE: 30 september 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10u at the station / Lunch arround 13u
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We come togheter at the station arround 10 o’clock. Than we can first to some shops in Brugge by walk and visit them.

For the tearoom we need back tot he area Sint-Michiels, rijselstraat 78. Where we can eat something and write the postcards and makes fun. https://depapil.be/

So for to go to the tearoom we take the bus from the centre to there. More information about the buses are here. One ticket is 2.5 EUR More information here https://www.delijn.be/en/content/vervoerbewijzen/tickets/

People who comes by car : There is in the front of the station a park and ride where you use your dayticket of the card fors ome bustickets Parking Centrum-Station - Visit Bruges More information about other parkings Parkeren in Brugge - Visit Bruges

There will be comes a meeting card.
All cards need to pay before by banktransfer or paypall.

People who don’t like to do the shopping can also come direct to the tearoom. Just let me know than.
So there will be desinged also a special meetingcard
I hope to see you all.

4 desings of meetingcards, let me know wich desing you want and how much of them pls. The price will be 0.5 cent for one card.
If you will I can send them before just let me now before Prices for sending are (inside Belgium)
tot 6 postkaarten-1,36- 44g ( one stamp)
10 postkaarten- 2,72- 80g ( two stamps)
20 postkaarten - 4,08 -150 g (three stamps)
meer dan 20 kaarten- 5 euro - pakje naar postpunt







  1. Mamiielariie (A50, B50, C50, D50) PAID
  2. Damokles (A0, B0, C10, D0) PAID
  3. Jeke (A20, B20, C10, D10) PAID
  4. Jo (A50, B50, C50, D50) PAID
  5. Steven (No cards) PAID
  6. Vaaick (A 5, B5, C5, D5) PAID
  7. NancyV (A10, B10, C10, D10) PAID
  8. Lotty (No cards)
  9. Tani (A10, B10, C10, D0) PAID
  10. Natasjake (A10, B10, C10, D10) PAID
  11. Iranica (A0, B0, C10, D0) PAID
  12. 3vike86 ( A10, B10, C25, D25)PAID
  13. HealingSteps (NL) (A10,B10,C10,D10) PAID
  14. Postsmurfin (A5,B5,C5,D5) PAID
  15. Esperluette (A10, B10) PAID
  16. Ferro (A15, B15, C15, D15)
  17. Elena_gloverr ( A5, B5, C10, D10) PAID
  18. Niso (Nico) (A20,B20,C20, D20)
  19. Niso (Sofie) (no cards)
  20. Caterp1llar(NL) (A5, B5, C5, D5) PAID
  21. natalia0603 (PL)
  22. Lucky-luke ( A0,B0,C20,D0)
  23. Aniq- ue ( NL) (A5,B5,C5,D5) no shopping PAID
  24. Thys (A0, B15, C15, D0) PAID
  25. Kwiksa (Jeroen) (NL) ( A25, B25, C25, D25) PAID
  26. Kwiksa (Jana) (NL) (no cards)
  27. Paultje66 (A0, B20, C0,D0) PAID
  28. Kathleen1963 (A20, B20,C20,D20) PAID
  29. Anaafonso74 (A5, B5, C5, D5)
  30. Dorien13 (A5,B5,C5,D5) PAID
  31. Pabalie (A10, B10, C10, D10)
  32. Claire (A20, B20, C20, D20) PAID
  33. FracineHuygen
  34. Sonia64 (A5,B5,C25,D25) PAID
  35. Eselbox (DE) (A5, B5, C5, D5) PAID
  36. Youandme (A5,B10,D5)
  37. Mitje ( A5, B5, C5, D5) PAID
  38. PhilipVelghe (A5, B5, C5, D7)
  39. PhilipVelghe (girlfriend) (no cards)
  40. Schirzzo (A5, B5, C5, D5) PAID
  41. Danube ( AT) (A10,B5, C5,D5) PAID
  42. Stefan ( friend of Danube) (At) (No cards)
  43. Mullerjansen ( A5, B5, C5, D5) PAID
  44. Fabpl (A10, B10, C10, D10) PAID
  45. Vanreth (A5,B10,C0,D0) PAID
  46. Belske (A15, B15, C15,D15) PAID
  47. StaniZae ( DE) (A0,B5,C5, D0) PAID
    50 Opec (A10, B10, C10, D10)



@Niso dit is een neiuwe meeting in Brugge voor in september

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Hallo ik kom heel graag en zou me op de lijst willen zetten. Groetjes Vicky

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Hoi Lara, ik kom graag naar de meeting. Zet me maar op de lijst.

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Ik ga ook naar de meeting komen.

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Ik wil ook graag komen!

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Hey, ik wil graag deze meeting meedoen.

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We are coming

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Zet me alsjeblieft op de lijst! Dank :slight_smile:

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Ik wil graag mee

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Graag wil ik ook mee :smile:

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Dag Lara,
Ik kom naar de meeting in Brugge
Annick (postsmurfin)

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Dag Lara
Ik kom ook graag naar de meeting. Alvast bedankt.

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you can count on me!

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@charluber do you like to join again in brugge?

Ik wil ook graag komen :slight_smile: wel rechtstreeks naar de tea-room als dat ok is :slight_smile:


Ik wil ook graag komen :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Ik zou er graag bij zijn!

Wij komen met twee. Sofie en Nico. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is je partner ook postcrossers of eerder gewoon mee?