WPD Brasília Meetup - Sunday, Oct 1st 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Brasília DF
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Livraria da Travessa, SGCV SUL Lote 22 - 4A Casa Park Shopping, St. Park Sul, Brasília - DF, 71215-100
:calendar: DATE: Oct 1st
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: World Postcard Day (https://worldpostcardday.com/ 3) is 1st October; we are celebrating at the official date.
Our activities will include:
Postcard signatures (prepare your stamp, sticker or handwrite);
Postcard swap;
Bingo Game with surprise prizes!
We are planning a very cozy and fun meetup to welcome fellows from Brasilia (DF) and Goiás (GO) who have already confirmed their presence and others Postcrossers who want to join us!
Just like the previous meeting, the beautiful Livraria da Travessa will welcome us, which will make the event open to any customer in bookstore at the moment and wishes to learn about the art of exchanging postcards.
We decided not to have an official meeting card, and we will use the official WPD Postcrossing card , the WPD/2023 postcard created by the dear @carameljuniper from Rio de Janeiro and the WPD Postal Hug.
We will not sell postcards during the meeting but we are happy to exchange them.


P.S.: Don’t forget to click on the “going” button, for the knowledge of the meeting organizers.


Eu vou!
Sem apertar o botão, mas vou!


Estarei lá :grin:
O botão apareceu @AnaSilvia :sweat_smile:

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Super feliz com o encontro de vocês pessoal!
Vou trocar postal de encontro com a @BelB é isso :smile: :smile: :smile: ?
beijos, compartihem fotos depois!

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Ficarei contente em mandar pra vc!


Would you be interested in swapping WPD postcard with me. Here is the card which I have designed.

Happy Postcrossing!

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Swap arranged. Thank you

Hi from Melbourne, Australia.

Can anyone swap this WPD card with me?

This is our WPD card

Thank you

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Is there anyone who’d like to swap a WPD Postal Hug with Belarus?)) p.m., please)

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I would be happy to swap postcards with you. I sent a private message with the address.

I would be happy to exchange postcards with you. I sent a private message with the address

Hi everyone,

I would love to swap that beatiful postcard:

I can exchange with the Montreal WPD meet up card :slight_smile:

Hello Alena, Have you already arranged the swap? I have one WPD Postal Hug from Brazil left to swap. The card is signed by everyone who attends our meeting. :blush:

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Greetings from Minsk!
Thanks for your response, I’ve already arranged the swap with some other postcrosser))
Kind regards, Alena

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Thant you very much @yuri_roberta

for the great card and for all the stamps. All the best. Martina - Gwynhyfar

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