WPD badges

Hello everyone, and Happy World Postcard Day!

I’m writing this topic to inquire about the ‘WPD’ badge which I thought would appear on our profile as a result from participating as well as any other badges for the matter. Why hasn’t this badge in particular appeared on my profile yet even though I have already requested a ‘Send’ postcard on the official site, and what about the others; Is there a delay or are they normally provided automatically?

The badge is granted as soon as one of the postcards sent on WPD is being registered :slight_smile:


Although I have already clicked ‘Request address’ through the ‘Send’ feature and the badge has yet to appear on my profile.

EDIT: Oh I see, you mean that I must wait for this card to be received?

But your card has yet to arrive :wink: The badge is not granted upon requesting an address.

Exactly :slight_smile:

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Okay I understand now, thank you.

Inkspell I was going to pose this same question on forum. Thanks for posting.

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FYI, this is how it looks

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