WPD 2022 cards Ireland

I bought WPD 2022 cards and they got delivered today.
I can share /sell on within Ireland. I paid 36€ for 100 cards incl. VAT and delivery.

My proposal:
If interested, let me know via DM how many you would like, and I will send you my address, because of the process:
A SAE to me, 6 cards in an envelope from me, for 1 international Irish stamp of €2.20 that you will pay me. You can also give me a max of 3 stamps, as each card is close to 5 grams, equal 18 cards.

I will write when the offer ends, as I want to keep at least 20 cards for myself.

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I’m curious where did you order the cards from?

I’m not sure I kept anything of the correspondence or packaging. I think Digital something.
I’m not in Ireland at the moment so cannot check. But i remember that i did cost it with a company first that seemed to offer a very competitive price and then added more cost at every step. So I aborted and went to the next. And they delivered as promised, within 3 days.