Wow! Huge box of postcards discovered today

Wow what a great day! Cleaning out my late Grandfather’s bar I came across this box of gems. Used & unused. Vintage & newer. Local & overseas. And I’ve not even gone through 1/4 of the box. I’m so excited I just had to share this with people who get the excitement!

This is equivalent to Christmas Morning for a Postcrosser!!!

The above 2 are really cool. The dress is made of some type of thread and the black on the Mexico card is raised felt (embossed?). What treasures!!!
This is a great idea:

When you open it up there is a mini picture to Match the larger postcard so you can keep a small copy for yourself to remember! Wish they made this type of thing still!


Wow! Are the photographs of Halifax, NS postcards? I grew up near there - they’re beautiful photos!


Yes i thank there were! They from all over its unbelievable all the different cards in here.


It’s a gift from your grandfather to you! Your grandfather probably loved traveling. Your interest in the postcard may be a wonderful heredity. Thank you for sharing them with us!


Wow…its a treasure…


Very nice windfall!

I’ve received a few modern cards like this, although I’m having trouble finding one on my wall. I think they were from eastern European or Baltic countries. The whole card was sent to me, including the little tear-off part, although of course the intention was probably for the sender to keep that part.


Actually I just found a series of postcards in a used bookstore that were published, a few years ago, by a New York design firm called M&Co, where you could also keep a small version of the postcard for yourself. Or you could just keep the whole postcard for yourself, as it states on the back of the cards, where you’d normally paste the postage stamp. (That’s the design firm’s owner, Tibor Kalman, pictured on the front of the postcard).

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So cool thanks I will check into those cards.

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Hi Nicole. A great gift from the past from Grandpa. Tell me, will you exchange something from these postcards?*

The Halifax book is likely a real collector’s item as the T. Eaton Co. no longer exists.


Love the postage stamp box note! :rofl:

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Wow!! That’s so incredibly cool!!
One of my biggest regrets is not taking a box of family postcards from my Great Aunt when she offered them. I was flying back home and afraid something would happen to them. Someone ended up trashing them before I could get to them. I just loved the history that was in them and now they’re gone forever.

Anyways, enjoy this box!! I think it’s great!! Are some of the used ones your grandfathers or other ones he collected?


The Mexican postcards are likely from the 1960’s. My father
traveled there on business during that time and brought home postcards.

You’re so fortunuate!


Wow! This is amazing!! Such a treasure! I live in Halifax, N.S!! That’s very cool!! :blush:


They are not used by or addressed to him. It seems maybe he got the box filled already or filled it as a collection…that’s a mystery at the moment but maybe I’ll learn more as I really dig in.
That is so sad about the postcards of your great aunt. :frowning:
He was a collector of everything and has saved papers of all kinds. Ads newspaper receipts bills from years and years. Random things like a horse shoe rules guide from the 50s, lots of automobile pamphlets its amazing the things lasted and stayed in good shape too!


Thank you, I am going to have to go thru them all first and see what is all In there before I can split them up but I will let you know :slight_smile:

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Wow :star_struck: what an amazing discovery! Excited for you!!


T.bor a book to keep a postcard to send seems to be the postcard book you mentioned. I had to search it and it Sounds amazing, I put it on my wish list. Thanks for sharing

LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing!

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