Would you tune in? Postcard designer talk series

Wondering if there has ever been a speaker series which brings together and features the (living) makers of our most beloved postcard series [name of the card series removed by moderator] , for them to give talks or hold demos or do studio tours - and just generally be appreciated by us?

This could be hosted virtually as a series of individual talks, or — easiest to pull off — as a series of q&a interviews / videos for the blog.

The speaker would be paid an honorarium, of course. And maybe they could be invited to make and sell a card that celebrates PC.

Seems like a committee of volunteers here on PC could easily pull this together. It’s the kind of thing I do for my job all the time.

It would increase visibility for the postcard maker and help us understand how and why they do their work. We could have a series of Qs we ask each speaker.

It would increase visibility for postcrossing because the talks would be recorded and makers could be encouraged to post it on their artist website, Etsy page, etc.


I have removed the name of the only postcard series you mentioned.
There are many card series, publishers and designers - there is no need to advertise just one here.

And I don’t think it would be a good idea if card designers and publishers suddenly started advertising for themselves here.
It is not allowed anyway…


Hi! It wouldn’t be an advertisement - it’d be an educational/informational talk. There are so many makers in the forum’s directory of postcard boxed sets - how many of them are alive? How do they do their work?

The talks could be themed panels of artists, so that it’s not “advertising” (which is not what I’m talking about anyway) just one designer. Maybe it could be a panel about making postcards about women. Or collage. Or natural materials. Or US national parks. Or Indigenous art.

There are many artists whose work is featured on postcards, but a much smaller number of artists who are specifically making postcards as their end product. That’s why I called out the one designer that I did - she is not just an artist, she designs specifically for postcards. Those are the folks I’m interested in hearing from. What got them into postcards originally? Why are postcards a good medium for them? Etc.

Or the companies who make boxed sets curated from various artists - how do they decide? What, to them, makes a work of art seem like a good postcard?

I don’t make postcards and don’t know anyone who does. But I’m a curious student of artistry and love hearing about the journeys folks have taken to become popular in their medium.


I think this is a very interesting suggestion.

We had the artist of a very popular German series even design a special meeting card.
At least two other very successful designers are active on the forum and it if they are interested, I would love to learn more about the person behind the design, their creative process, where they get their inspiration etc.

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In essence, this is a good idea, but as the moderator implies, even the mention of a name is advertising. I’m sure there are ways around this for a professional postcard designer/publisher to provide educational talks without the need to push/advertise their product.

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