Would anyone kindly translate?

I can’t input this text into Google translate.
Would anyone kindly translate, please?




for further help here is a thread if there are texts on cards or even other you do not understand.

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@IAmPost It’s a poem, so the translation won’t be in rhyme.

Mature cat.
I’ve been married three times.
My first didn’t catch the mice.*
He was handsome and even brave,
But didn’t like to do housework.
My second was afraid of darkness
And always clung to the kitchen stove.
Otherwise, the third cat
Is hanging out all nights long.
Why do I need the forth one in my house?
I will have to catch by myself anyway!

*It’s kind of a pun. ‘Not catch the mice’ in Russian is also a metaphor for being lazy and inefficient.


WOW, Ann, thank you so much for this! Much appreciated.

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Try another app called “Google Lens” I use it on my cell phone (pointed to the post card or an image on my Kindle). Works pretty well for me. And it can be used for images, too - you know, when you get that beautiful card of some artifact or building and there’s no description available. It will search the web for similar looking images.


Вам лучше обратиться в эту тему

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