World Postcard Day at Language School (Tomsk, Russia)

Hello, everyone!
We are students of English and we’d love to find those who want to exchange postcards with us. We are from a not very big Siberian city, Tomsk. We are 10-11 y. o. and we’re eager to face real English.

We’d love to send postcards to your students and we’d be absolutely happy to recieve responses from them.

Here is the site of our school:

I am the mother of one the students, so you can DM the address of your school if you are interested in receiving the postcards.

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I am an English teacher in France and I think my group of young teenagers could be interested in an exchange ! How many students do you have ?
I have a group of seven students ( between 10 and 12 years old) they are all learning English and would love to practice writing in English with postcards.
I have been a postcrosser myself for many years.

Let me know if you are interested !

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Hi, we are students (about 60 boys and girls, 16-17 years old) in Taiwan and we’d love to make friends around the world, better to exchange more than twice. Here is the address of our school. May I have further understanding of how this project will work and could we exchange postcards with you?
No. 1, Yigao Rd.,
Xingang Township,
Chiayi County 616009


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