🇦🇺 Woo hoo!

I got an Australian address to send to!!

Been a long time between drinks, last time was 2015 and last time I received from Australia was 2017.

I nearly fell off my chair in shock!
:boomerang: :boomerang: :australia:


I’m still waiting for my first! I have very specific, very local cards ready to go for the occasion :crazy_face:




I had assumed it would be years before I would draw a local address, based on what I’d seen on other profiles. But I drew an Aussie not long ago, and have now also received from one. Perhaps the lack of Russian addresses available is playing into that?

Probably unlikely (there are heaps of other European countries with lots of members waiting in the pool) and just right moment, right time? The member had 1 more sent than received when I got them, so were due a postcard. Looking at them again later when I was writing my postcard they had registered a heap of received in the mean time so now not pick-able.

Woo Hoo! I got an Aussie address just now! I read it twice because I was thinking “Yes, Postcrossing, I know I’m in Australia, where is the card going??” :rofl:


I actually got another AU address several days afterwards but it has been travelling 24 days now and to an active member. :frowning:

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I sent a card to a friend that arrived the next day, she sent one back and it took three weeks.

Sometimes I pull out my vintage card collection and look at the one that went from Perth to Bendigo in four days in the 1910s and sigh.


Back in those days, the mail was sorted on the train as it was travelling. There was a time when there was next day service to almost anywhere that had a train line


Hooray! The first address I drew for World Postcard Day was an Aussie!

(I’m also sending one to the CEO of Auspost with a pointed comment about how good the old flat rate international postcard stamp was because I’m cheeky today).



Every year I send one to Aust Post HQ and also my local PO Office staff.


Love it, I think I will join you in that! :joy:


I should do that too, but I’m not sure of the chaps name! I suppose I could address it to Sarah and Husband…

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My first address drawn this morning was also an Aussie! How cool is that?! My second was Japan. Also a relatively quick delivery in my limited experience. It’s nice to think I don’t have to wait 4+ weeks for these to arrive!! :crossed_fingers:t2::heart:

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i got an aussie too :love_letter:

just as i was getting dejected as i was drawing indonesia / taiwan/ indonesia / taiwan an aussie name poppped up :grinning:

de 4
us 3
id 5
jp 2
tw 4
au - ee - mo - nl

one of the indonesian addresses is to someone i sent a card to in july 2021 which was never registered - so dropped off at 366 days

happy world postcard day

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