Wonderful / beautiful Indian Stationeries with Traditional Design?

Hello from Japan!

I used to have a beautiful letter-set from India with traditional Indian design. I just love stationeries from India.

I would like to trade for any wonderful and beautiful paper stationeries from India, like folded cards (big or small) with traditional design, envelopes with traditional design (big or small), bookmarks with traditional design, etc. Handmade items that are store-bought are welcome too.

In return, I can send you Japanese stationeries like nice sticker sheets, pretty envelopes, washi tape samples, and if you like, I can also offer my handmade items made with my hand-carved stamps like small folded cards, postcards. Bookmarks and stickers.

I can show you the photo images of them if you like. I would be happy if you could show me your offer too.

Please message me if you are interested to swap with me anytime. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I feel similarly about how beautiful Indian exchanged goods are. I have some traditional postcards that were made in India that I bought at a shop in USA.


Thank you, but I am looking for Indian stationeries, not postcards this time.

I’m interested. Let’s write a DM


Thank you!
Would it be possible for you to show me a bit of your offer in a private message ? Also, what would you like from me in return ? :slightly_smiling_face: