Will i receive a e-mail when a card is sent to me

i’m a new member of postcrossing and two of my cards have been registered. However, i’m wondering whether or not a card is on the way to me, since no e-mail has been sent to tell me about it.

Welcome to Postcrossing! :slight_smile:

You will not get emails or notification about cards sent to you (it will be a surprise!), but when the card you sent has been registered, your address is given to another member. I am not sure how long it takes from registering to another member getting your address, but it seems to happen in that same day. Unfortunately mail to China tends to travel slowly, so you might have to wait few weeks to see your first received card.

thank you! it seems that i have to wait patiently. :exploding_head:


When you get the Hurray Mail, there is at the bottom: “Now YOU will receive a postcard…” so you know your adress is given out again and cards are on the way to you.


Usually once a card you have sent is registered, the next person to ask for an address gets your address. This could be the same day, or even 5 days later! Depending on what country it is from, it might take a while to receive the postcard. Don’t worry, it’s fun to have a surprise!

thank you! i’ll wait patiently!

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waiting patiently for a surprise!

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