Why does my post need approval?


I wanted to do a swap because of mental health day, today. However after posting it said a mod needs to approve it.

I’m saddened by this. Is it an automatic thing or am I on some kind of blacklist?

All I said is that this wasn’t a trade for collectors and that I wanted no fussing about stamps and rare countries. I wanted to create something wholesome in the spirit of mental health, but sadly it seems I’m under investigation.

I never received an official warning from a mod though.

Does anyone else face issues with this?


I find it very dissapointing, because mental health day Is already over in a lot of timezones. And by the time mods aprove it, it will be to late anyway.

I am sure a mod will get back to you. I would not worry about it. I do not think it is because of your post. Where did you try to make it? Was it in the trade offer area?

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It’s very late in Europe so I don’t see any EU moderators online. It could just be a glitch or perhaps you’ve had a bunch of comments flagged lately? The software system does do some things automatically sometimes that are a bit strange.

It’s frustrating to have to wait but I’m sure folks will want to trade on that topic when your post gets up on the Forum - it’s a popular topic these days.

You might want to send a message to Admin too. Contact us


Maybe it is because you are very new on the forum ?

I read somewhere on the forum people need to read a few posts at least and be active on the forum until you are able to post in the swap section.


No I posted something and it needs approval aswel.

I was just asking a general question about being inactive but still wanting the same cards.

Certain sections of the Forum need moderators approval before the topic is posted.

This has been bought about because of some new topics that go off the rails very quickly and we moderators scramble to keep up.

Some moderators check particular sections and we are all in different time zones and if all is okay they approve and your topic is posted.

Postcrossing Team


Let them review it and don’t assume the worst. One time, I posted a freebie offer with a link and it was blocked. Then Ana wrote me noting the goof; they initially thought the link was a selling venture.


I have had posts that need approval too. It isnt personal, although I know it can really feel that way.

You are awesome and brave for sharing what you are going through right now. It helps remind me I am not alone. You aren’t either. Depression sucks and it is an insidious liar. It’s OK if you aren’t OK and we’re going to get through it.

Keep breathing.


Hi @Boeboe
I have just approved your topic.
As mundoo has already explained to you, topics in some categories need to be approved by an admin or a moderator.

Trades are not one of them, but you posted your request in the wrong section.
I changed the category to #trades-requests-offers and now you can start with your swap.
Good luck!


I see, thanks it was my mistake then. I’m sorry I guess I’m a bit paranoid lately.

Thank you. :slight_smile: And my apologies.

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No need to apologise. Such things happens.

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Thanks; that’s helpful to know for me too. I’m relatively new to the forum as well.

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Thank you!

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