Why do you guys collect postcards?

I am curious, why do you guys send postcards in such a modern time?I collect postcards just to learn the cultures and meet the people from all over the world. My goal is to receive postcards from all over the world. I’ve been a part of this community for almost two years, and I’ve certainly learned a lot in those two years. For example, I learned about many countries that I had never heard of before. And I think it’s funny that it takes months or even years for a postcard to come to you from the other side of the world.


I like to learn about other countries as well! And I like to meet new people. I love to travel, but sometimes it is impossible to travel, so via postcards it feels like I am traveling.

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It’s a bit of several things for me. It’s the brief connection with a stranger, learning something new and interesting about them or where they live. But I also like a beautiful or visually interesting card and pretty stamps.
So, most cards will have something I appreciate.


I’m newer but I have a couple reasons for sending and collecting postcards.

  • Space. It’s a physically small collection. If you have many books or many dolls, they take a lot more space than postcards and paper. I don’t feel worried about packing it up if/when I move.
  • Art. I can display the cards I find appealing so it’s a fun way to collect art. And learning what a stranger finds visually interesting is fun.
  • Availability. It’s something I can find everywhere and fit into my travel bag without issue. I can (usually) buy postcards in any city I travel to. They’re also fun to look for in stores that I don’t expect them to be (like a local u-pick I went to the other week).
  • Mental health. Slowing down is good for my mental health. I work online, I talk to people around the world online. It’s all very fast and the connection, unless we talk every day, doesn’t feel tangible because it’s on a screen. This is a great hobby to take a break from a screen and to think about people and the world more slowly.
  • Support. I can support local artists and stores when buying their art. And I can share that small piece of the world with someone else.

You know this is an enrapturing question and one I will partake in…thank you sweet one.

#1. I came on as a social experiment, simply put , I wanted to clarify: does everyone seek happiness and acceptance ? The answer is YES. No matter where we are located in the world we all want these two things.

#2. Now that this has been clarified , I stay because I actually enjoy the variety of peeps I have come to know . I have been enlightened by members around the world who have found a corner in my heart….there is something sprouting in all of you just ready to cultivate. I spent many years of my life in Europe so part of me is still there too.

#3 My creative juices had been tabled for decades with medical and pharma research and being here viewing all of your lovely words and cards has sparked and inspired me to sketch and paint again…and that makes me deliciously happy…


I miss writing. I wrote a lot as a child. And stopped when I became an adult. Just picked it up again during the pandemic.


I love your use of the color of red in your art and home. I just noticed my home is filled with blued and yellows

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Interesting question … :thinking: I’ve been collecting postcards since I was a child. It is known at the beginning from family and friends. Whenever I was on vacation, I was looking for the most beautiful postcards, I sent a few, and took a few home with me. I love the excitement of finding a postcard in my letterbox. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Each one is different, unique. You can get to know different corners of the world thanks to postcards. I have always liked traveling and getting to know new places. Now I get to know many of these places thanks to postcards. Besides, I really like to write and decorate postcards for my addressees. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Before Postcrossing I did 1001Journals (the project is no longer active in his old version) to be creative and in my childhood and youth it was normal for me to send postcards home or to my grandma (maternal).
I often send postcards home when I was a scout.
Also as a old friend of me was with her grandparents on vacation, we wrote us always letters.

As I saw Postcrossing on TV over 10 years ago, I decided to register and send postcards from time to time.
I always loved postcards but I always bought them to keep for myself. >o< (Because I love the motive)
I like to get handwritten postcards myself. And if you want something (in my case a postcard), you had to do something to get it (writing a postcard for someone else).

You never know if the postcard you chosen and described arrives someone who had a bad day/week/month and your postcard bring some light back.

But the truth is:
I like to make other people smile and happy. That’s why I write postcards.

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