Why do I ❤ Postcrossing?


  1. This is an old-school warm lamp island of material world in a new LED ocean of digital world
  2. It is always a pleasant and unexpected surprise
  3. I like postage stamps
  4. It is always a case to predict something using my Magic Crystal Ball :slight_smile:
  5. Postcrossing inspires me to new ideas
  6. It’s good language practice
  7. There are many kind and enthusiastic people here

Now you!

  1. Contrary to what my mother always told me, I like talking to strangers. :shushing_face:
  2. I especially like talking to strangers outside my country, because it makes the world feel cozier.
  3. Writing postcards is “retro”, and retro = cool. :smoking::dark_sunglasses: This is the only way I’ll ever be cool.
  4. I can brag about receiving international postcards, which at least makes me feel cooler…:thinking:
  5. How a little piece of paper can go around a planet and arrive at its destination still shocks me.
  6. It’s a great way to use the stationery and art supplies I currently have.
  7. It’s a great excuse to amass even more stationery and art supplies than what I currently have.
  8. My brain responds the same way to buying stamps as it did to buying candy as a child.
  9. This is way cheaper than traveling.

Specific to 2020:

  1. This is way cheaper and safer than traveling. :microbe:
  2. It supports the USPS, which we recently feared would be defunded.
  3. Exchanging physical mail with people reminds me that there are still people outside my house and prevents me from turning into a lonely cave troll during quarantine.
  1. It feels like I’m part of something big, that transcends communities.
  2. The pandemic and lockdowns have been a bit hard, and getting cards from people all over the world makes me feel a bit less alone.
  3. I get to learn about other countries, cities, cultures, history, art, etc. beyond anything I could find online.


I joined PX on July 17th this year (which also happened to be my 21st wedding anniversary!). On November 12th, 2020 (i.e. this very day) my mailman brought to me

  • A postcard from Canada
  • A postcard from Ireland
  • An envelope with 3 blank postcards from France
  • An envelope with 2 blank postcards and a long letter from Moscow
  • A pack of 16 new postcards featuring art by a favorite artist of mine
  • 3 new quick dry gel pens from the Amazon jungle

One year ago on November 12, 2019, my mailman brought to me a whole lot of nothing.

I :heart_eyes: Postcrossing!

And then, go read #8 on @PinkNoodle’s list. I didn’t actually buy candy as a child, as I’m British. So switch that out for sweets and imagine a little English boy with his gob stuffed full of real British Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate grinning and squealing like a monkey in a banana tree…

I like stamps.
I really do like stamps.
Big ones, small ones, old ones, new ones.
Sticky ones, licky ones, pretty ones, plain ones.
I like stamps.

I’m also a poet, and Postcrossing gives me plenty of chance to share my magnificent poems with the world.

  1. Picking the perfect postcard for someone makes me happy.
  2. Receiving an awesome postcard from someone makes me happy.
  3. Learning something new nearly every day makes me happy.
  4. Feels like part of a large, but geographically distant, happy family.
  5. There’s just so much happymaking with Postcrossing!
  6. Also, stamps turn out to be way more interesting than I ever would have imagined.

English children don’t get candy?! :scream:

…I suppose you’ve never had a cookie, either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Short and simple (well… “simple”) answer from me:
It gives me the opportunity to be creative and communicative without being overwhelmed by social interactions and the boredom of the modern western world.

For people like me, it’s so much easier to navigate digital/analog written world than the “real” one and Postcrossing gives me that - together! :slightly_smiling_face:

So I can still be a loner, but not be isolated. And I can write a lot, be random and be appreciated by it instead of being told that’s too much.

I :purple_heart: Postcrossing because gives me a place to be something, to be me, and helps me manage my mental health in ways that nothing else can.


At the moment I particularly love PC, for it let’s my mind travel, while I cannot travel in RL.

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I love Postcrossing because…
I love to receive surprises in my mail box
I love surprising other people with postcards
I love sharing my received postcards with family and friends
I love hearing that someone has enjoyed receiving a postcard I sent them
I love traveling and postcards received bring a little piece of the world to me each time
Every time I send a postcard I feel like I’m sharing a little piece of Australia with the world
It brings me joy and happiness


There are many countries in the world. I guess many Chinese people will never go abroad in their lifetime, even if they travel abroad once. So we can’t see the outside world, except we can understand it on the Internet. I often watch current political news, including international news. I also watch some videos about interviewing foreigners on the Internet. In short, I am very interested!
I saw a documentary before. The director seeks out the person who was born in the same year, month and day with himself and filmed his / her life. Different countries, different languages and different cultures, everyone lives a different life and experiences different things. Anyway, I like this documentary very much.


I love receiving a lovely postcard and message from another country, it’s exciting.

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For the connection and for the postcards themselves.

:hugs: Above all, I agree with Annie’s words, “A postcard is a hug sent through the mail.

:two_hearts: It’s wonderful how such a small act of kindness cheers up both the sender and the recipient. And it calms to see so many friendly/neutral people. (I’ve only read about rude messages but I assume they’re extremely rare, while there are too much mean comments in social media.)

:earth_americas: The scale is incredible - talking with strangers from all over the world!

:love_letter: I love written words: the process of writing (and sometimes drawing) for someone, and a physical reminder that someone thought of me.

:clock8: Writing a postcard is easier than writing a letter. A fairly small amount of text and there is no obligation to continue the conversation.

:speech_balloon: It’s cool that people are tolerant of bad English. For a long time I was afraid to start, but… somehow it’s even easier to write in English because I don’t have to make fancy phrases, I only try to express myself clearly. Also I like it when I have time to think about the message (and to use an online translator… on my first trip abroad I was so ashamed of my illegible pronunciation, I wish I had written on paper).

:heart_decoration: It’s very rewarding. When I send a card I keep in mind that it might be lost, stuck, not welcomed or registered without an answer. And when I get a warm “Hurray”, it’s such a joy! (I hope I can at least partially express to the senders how happy I am with the received postcards.)

:sunrise_over_mountains: I like nice postcards and stamps but I’m not a collector and I have little interest in blank cards, so I like to send and receive them written.

:coffee: It’s very interesting when people share something from their life, their thoughts. Even information available on the Internet is more interesting when it’s written personally.

:writing_hand: I also like reading different handwritings.

:sunny: I like talking about this hobby with my family (it’s uniting), friends, and colleagues.

:mailbox_with_mail: My mailbox is also happy to receive not only bills and AD flyers.


I love postcrossing because:

  • I get to hear a slice from people’s lives
  • I get to share beautiful postcards
  • I get to receive postcards worthy of going up on my fridge
  • My mailman is happy
  • I love that these small pieces of paper travel around the world, just the entire postal system fascinates me
  • Every once in a while I get a postcard in French :slight_smile:
  • Postcrossing is from the old internet, before facebook and other mastodonts strangling what I used to love about it: People being kind to strangers.

•I love talking with strangers from different countries.Postcrossing gives me this opportunity without ease
•There is a joy in requesting an address and explore the profile of the adress’s owner and write to that profile.
•I love collecting things ( I have a very moderate stamp collection)


It’s a joy, pure and simple. Surprises!
I love to look up information about towns and cities I don’t know anything about. It’s like travelling when we can’t.
If people like handmade cards you can be creative.
I love anecdotes about everyday life, the little joyous and funny moments in life
Nothing is quite so rewarding as finding a wad of postcards awaiting me in my mailbox.
I have made quite a few wonderful friendships.


There are some reasons I do:

I’m an Ambivert and this style of communication fits me perfectly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I love cultural interactions and meeting new people through the world.
At the end we all are an international village XD
I have something interesting to talk about to people, makes an interesting conversation topic :wink:
And the most important is that I LOVE CARDS!!! I don’t know why, they are so beautiful and awesome.


I :heart: Postcrossing because:

  • I have always loved mail - both writing mail to someone and receiving mail in my mailbox
  • I think it’s really cool to be sending a small part of you and your country to someone else in the world, and vice versa
  • I love collecting postcards and stamps
  • I love seeing a little bit of culture from all around the world through the postcards and stamps
  • I get to ‘travel’ via postcards, especially knowing that I definitely won’t be able to make it everywhere
  • I love the personalised messages that come on the postcards - when that person writes about something, it is likely the thing that the person is focusing at the moment
  • I love learning new things, especially simple facts about a country/city/culture
  • I take comfort in the fact that we are all so different yet similar - people across countries and continents can have similar interests and hold a decent conversation
  • I am satisfied when I find the ‘perfect’ card for someone, or vice versa
  • Every once in a while, I get to practise Chinese and Japanese
  • I will be able to use the postcards as deco for my future home
  • It’s an avenue for me to release my stress and tension too, knowing that you can confide in someone who won’t be able to judge you
  • It makes me feel like the world isn’t such a scary place after all, and there will be people out there who are kind and supportive
  • I can use all the stationeries which I have kept for years

These are just off the top of my head :slight_smile: