Why do I always receive letters from a single country

Do you have any friends from Japan, Korea, the Netherlands or other countries to communicate with me

Hi Jin, if you’re looking for penpals you might want to post a message in the penpal topic :slight_smile: you might have a better chance of finding a penpal there :slight_smile: Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, as I’m a bit confused about your subject title, but maybe you’d like to check the other topic in any case :slight_smile:

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How can we know that?
Sorry, but your headline is a bit confusing to me.


I want to find friends from different countries to write letters. Generally, the letters I receive are only Italy and Germany. I want to know more about other countries

OK thank you

Can you tell me where the pen pal area is?

You can make a post about penpals here:

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