Why did I receive a notification saying my card was favourited when it wasn't?

why am I notified that one of cards was a favorite when it’s not mine or one sent to me?


Papersister got one if this is what you are looking for:

Hi @shift1010, I repaired your post so that it’s readable.

But now I think the topic header and the contents don’t match. Maybe I did something wrong? I only deleted an empty line and three dots that came first before the text. Like this:

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I find the overall sense of mystery in this thread to be most intriguing…


In the account settings there’s a possibility to choose which notifications you want to receive about cards connected to your profile:

So, if the card wasn’t either sent or recieved by you, there can’t be any notification. :thinking: You could forward the strange notification to the Postcrossing team.


I will let this topic auto-close in a few hours, as the topic starter didn’t write any replies and didn’t tell us what the question really was about.

It sounds like a glitch to me. As another has ad, be sure to contact admin about it.

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