Why 60 days Expired

I would like to suggest that cards don’t expire until more than 60 days? 100?
Since the pandemic and with unrest in areas it seems it has been taking possibly longer for cards to reach destination.

I even had one card (sent from me -U.S.A. to U.S.A.) take a long time.
It makes the ones to places, say like Macau, difficult.

Maybe someone could explain the 60 day



If you had a bunch of your slots held up for 100 days, you might not be able to send many cards for a long time (especially in the beginning) & lose interest.

We’ve actually had this discussion at the height of the pandemic when mails were much slower than they are now & Admin monitored things closely & said there was no need to extend that limit.

Btw Canada to the US mail & vice versa sometimes take longer than or expires more often than those cards going to Russia (before the suspension in US/Cda) or China - it’s very frustrating


Furthermore, the 60 days is just a soft cap. It will free up the slot, so you can send a card again. The full expire is after 1 year after which it will be deleted. If it arrives within 1 year, regardless of before or after the 60 days it will register as a sent card in your account and add into opening more slots for you. Thus changing the 60 days doesn’t change the overall experience really, it just enables you to sooner send mail again when mail takes a little longer.

so, essentially:
60 days: expire, still able to be registered
1 year: deletion, can no longer be registered


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Thanks for this explanation

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