Wholesome postcard story <3

This little boy lost his teddy on a bus when travelling to the beach. His family posted about it online, and hundreds of people have sent him postcards from all over the world, all of them signed ‘from Peter’ (the name of his teddy).

So far, Peter has been to the Tokyo Olympics and sightseeing in Australia with his new girlfriend amongst many other wonderful trips.

Posting here as I feel like everyone needs to hear it - it’s made my day. I’m sure that we would all rush to write postcards if something like this happened again <3


Wow, thanks for sharing! That’s a lovely story!


Very cute story - might have been inspired by the “Letters from Felix” books? The first one has exactly the same story.

Blockquote From publishersweekly.com: In one of the inaugural titles from the Abbeville Kids imprint, Sophie’s family is returning from vacation when her stuffed rabbit, Felix, disappears in a crowded airport. Readers will spot the lost toy on the luggage conveyor depicted in the first of Droop’s cheery, busy spreads. As the distressed child goes home, Felix embarks on a whirlwind international tour, communicating with Sophie via five letters (which can be removed from envelopes attached to the pages). After each epistle describes the rabbit’s sightseeing adventures in London, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Kenya and New York City, Langen fleshes out Felix’s travelogue with additional information about the locales. Though its format obviously recalls the Jolly Postman books, Langen’s wordy, occasionally awkward narrative lacks the ingenuity of those works. There are, however, several fetching extras: also tucked into the envelopes are a color snapshot of Felix in front of the Eiffel Tower and a ``secret pyramid map’’ from Egypt; and-when he finally arrives home on Christmas Eve-Felix carries a suitcase containing six travel decals. All ages. (Oct.)


I had Letters from Felix when I was little! :heartbeat: :sob: I loved pulling actual letters out of the envelopes on the page!


I thought I had never heard of this book but I’m convinced that I had it as a child. Next time I go to the bookshop, I’ll have to see if I can find it. This has jogged some memories!