Who else sends postcards to "way out" places?

I have a few stores in very small towns in the middle of nowhere I sometimes send anonymous postcards to. Even alot of my postcard swaps. My little weird way of sending the world to them. Little stores and businesses. I don’t know what they do with the postcards tho.

You do anything similar? Have a way out place you want a postcard sent to?


I wonder if you’re freaking the “anonymous” recipients out? They probably look at the postmarks on the cards and try to remember who they know in Georgia, or maybe even if the cards are from some long forgotten, possibly even eccentric, relative. Because who on earth actually mails out postcards in this day and age, other than eccentrics?


I explain myself in the postcard. And what Im doung

Because I have a very common name as part of my email address, I often get emailed receipts (with addresses in them) for people with my same name. Once or twice I’ve sent a happy anonymous postcard to them, if they live in an interesting, far away place — like Australia or Bermuda. I hope it made them happy and wasn’t weird.