White Dwarf magazine (Warhammer) handmade cards - would anyone be interested?

I was thinking of using some of my White Dwarf magazines, using some the images to make handmade postcards.

White Dwarf magazines have images and information relating to the game Warhammer. Before I look through the magazines to start designing the cards, would anyone be interested in them?

I know there are some gamers here, some who play D&D and other games.

I hope this is in the right spot, if not I am sure a lovely mod will move it.


yes why not - sounds interessting. I’m not explicitly into the Warhammer francise… but they have nice creatures, races and critters, so why not :smiley: sounds great ^^

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Okay. Thanks. I will start designing them soon.

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That’s a great idea!
There’re not many postcards about games, especially Warhammer. I would love to receive such a card. You definitely should try :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello lovely! I seen your post about Warhammer cards. If you are still doing them I would love one! If not that’s okay :grin: hopefully speak soon!