Which series does this card belong to?

I couldn’t find a topic where we can ask such things. I‘m sorry if there is one but I didn’t see it. :frowning:

Is this kind of card from a special series? I see them quite often on favorite walls. Thanks for helping!


World Travel series, designed by Nisan from Taiwan

It is Called WT series,made by www.nisan.tw :blush:

Thank you! :smiley:

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There’s a list and wiki of postcard series here:


I’ll close this topic soonish as the question has been answered by yudi and Jimmy423.

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Oh yes I totally forgot! Thank you!

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If you are ever curious about that kind of thing, I recommend putting a photo like the one you posted through Google Lens. It immediately came back and told me that was part of the WT World Travel series.

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I did that and only some random stamps appeared.

Strange. When I used the search option, I got this:.

It said the series name right in the title.

Now if you did Google Lens as Homework or Shopping, you wouldn’t get the right result.

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