Which name should I address this person as?

It might seem a bit odd, but I draw someone today and they have one name in their address and another name as they “About Name” bio. Which name should I refer to them as in the postcard?
(For example, Address has John Smith, and bio as “About Josh”).

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It may have several names, but the address is registered under one name. It seems more logical to use the name written on the address. @birdsatemylunch

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If it were me … I’d address it to Josh. My thinking: The member created their profile and therefore personalized it with their name, Josh.


I’d use Josh, too.

The address may give their official name but the “about” section very likely shows the name they want to go by. An abbreviation of their name or a nickname for example.


I’d also use the name on the profile. It is not such a rare case. I think on the profile they wrote the name they usually use, but in the address they have to write their legal name.


I was thinking if this was not the case. I’ll refer to them by the name chosen in the Bio. Thanks to everyone helping me figure this out.

I dealt with a similar conundrum recently, someone asked me for a direct swap and in their message they signed as (for example) Sunshine, but their name of choice in their profile was Steven. I thought about just asking them what name I should use, but ended up using the first one to answer it. Still I wasn’t sure, so in the card I wrote “hello from country” in nice letters.

In your case though, I’d go with their name of choice on the profile.

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I’d use the name from the Bio because it’s their name of choice. The name from the address could also be their relative or friend’s name, sometimes people may use them for some reason if they live together. As it has been already said, people often write in the address their legal name but they prefer to be called by another name, their name’s short forms, etc. In my case, for example, for the first time it really disappointed me when people called me by the full name’s form from the address when it was clearly written on the profile what short forms of it I like and use. Another variant is not to refer to any name, especially if there’s no name in the Bio and address (e.g. it’s only written Mr. Smith in the address). In that case I start my postcard with “Greetings from…”.


John in the address field and then hello Josh …


I have also seen profiles where the person says something like “Hi, my name is Christopher but my friends call me Chris!”

Well…uh…I want to be friendLY but I am not really your friend, so what name do I use? I will usually go with “Christopher” in such a case, even though at some level I think the person wants me to use “Chris.”

My name in the address is Aleksandra because that is my official full name.

In everyday situations, I use the shortened version of my name, which is Ola, and nobody ever calls me Aleksandra unless it’s something extremely formal or very official. And even then, it would usually be Ms. My Surname, and not Aleksandra. My full first name is mostly used on documents :wink:


I would address it as “John Smith aka: Josh .”