Which is my most beautiful officially sent card?


Thank you for your kind words
My favorite cards of yours are:

This is just too special!

Great illlustration

I love the Berlin UBahn trains!

Great landscape picture

What a great idea :wink:

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Kindly remember that we are supposed to mention our favorite cards of the person who sent the last comment or the previous commentators

I just love some “bookshelf porn”

Great mailbox picture

Great illustrations!

I’m a big fun of Americana

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My apologies.


Very interesting live postcard! :blue_heart:

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Most beautiful cards in my opinion:

Tag @FoTiS

In my opinion, the Queen looked so elegant in this card.

This is so beautifully captured.

Love the Aussie-flavoured Christmas card



I really like these city views:

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I admit that I only looked at about ten pages of your sent wall, but these three postcards are gorgoeous:

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I’m in love with this moon girl I sent few month ago


I am really enjoying the travel poster style cards recently and these two of yours definitely fit! Lovely!

Also @TanjaK93

I absolutely adore these two of yours! Anything will a little black cat and I love it :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: