Where to get postcards in Tokyo?

I’ve been trying to find something on postcrossing for postcard stores or stores that sell postcards in Tokyo with no luck. If you know of one can you tag me.

Or list places where I can find them in Tokyo. I’m hoping it’s easier there but here in Texas it’s so hard to find them anywhere.

Have you tried museums? I found a lot of them at museum stores the last time I visited Japan.


When I visited bookstores, museums, and galleries were good for postcards.
Try Kinokuniya: https://www.kinokuniya.com/
There are also really cute stationary stores.
Best stationery stores in Tokyo | Time Out Tokyo

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try LOFT or Tokyu Hands, they got a great selection. I think it is a great time to buy postcards now because they got Christmas and year of rabbit cards!

LOFT and Tokyu Hands should have all kinds of postcards, but If you want more touristy ones, I think the vendors next to Senso-Ji do sell views or illustrations of Japan postcards (but not sure if they are still open due to COVID)

Also, Tokyo Disneyland/sea sells beautiful postcards. I also love collecting postcards from Snoopy Town, there are a few shops around Tokyo. Snoopy town postcards are all location specific.

I remember the Sanrio shop on Tokyo Sky Tree got cute Sanrio postcards, and there is a animate (?) store there that carries anime related postcards. The gift shop on the ground floor got postcards related to Tokyo Sky Tree. I remember buying Stitch postcards, he was touring Tokyo Sky Tree on the cards. Also the underground shopping street under Tokyo Station got postcards in most anime/character shop, the postcards are related to the theme of the shop though, so not touristy.

If you are looking for shaped cards, Gotochi cards are sold at postoffices. I personally like their shaped mailbox postcards better. They also sell standard size ones. Central post offices carry better selection of postcards and stamps. I feel it is the easiest to buy stamps from Tokyo Central post office. They got a flipping area with sample stamps, and you write down the stamp ID and the amount you want, bring it to the counter. Not much misunderstanding can happen LOL

Really jealous you are in Tokyo! I really want to go to Japan again (for the 14th time :P), but tickets are really expensive and I’m not sure if I want a 3rd shot or get tested before I go.

I grew up in Texas, but not sure what part you live in. I lived in the DFW area, they do sell postcards at the University bookstore, souvenir shops, some Walmarts, museums, and tourist traps LOL I heard there are LP postcards sold at most Cracker Barrel, if you got one near your place you should go check it out. Lantern Press postcards are pretty popular on postcrossing.


Hello, if you post in Japanese Community, you are also likely to get responses from people in Japan :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello! I don’t know where within Tokyo you’re currently based, but I just returned from Tokyo the other day and here are some places that have cards in the Asakusa area where I was staying:

  • The shops on Nakamise Shopping Street in front of Senso-ji that @Pei_CL mentioned, which are luckily still in business (Ranging from 100-300 JPY each)
  • The Libro bookshop at 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito City, Asakusa, 1 Chome−25−15 ROX4F

But in general:

  • Many post offices will have some for sale, and this is where you’ll find the gotochi cards if you’re interested in those (keep in mind that gotochi cards are meant to be sent in an envelope if you’re sending them abroad); major post offices will (naturally) have a larger selection and oftentimes have a stock of really beautiful stamps
  • Many bookstores will carry them
  • A lot of souvenir shops in touristy locations will have postcard boxes with about a dozen loose postcards for really cheap (I’m not so sure about within Tokyo, but this was certainly the case in Kyoto and Himeji)

I will share some of my recommendations😉

This is a postcard specialty store.

-Tout le monde (Omotesando)
This store is also a postcard specialty store, but many of the cards are foreign art cards and vintage cards.

-Sekaido (Shinjuku)
This is an art supply store, and postcards are sold on the ground floor.

-Tokyo Central Post Office
Postcards issued by the post office and other goods are on sale.

Enjoy your stay in Tokyo!


I’m going to have to check these places out when I go they look so cool

Thank you so much. Not in Tokyo quite yet just trying to map out my plans before I go and I’m super excited. Definitely adding most of these to my travel plans.

I live in south east Texas and finding postcards is like waiting for rain in a drought no walmarts,museums, or mail stations around here have any. Our Cracker Barrel does have a very small selection though so I’ll definitely check for the LP postcards next time I stop by


Jimbocho is the book district in Tokyo and there is one bookstore I go to for vintage cards: Sawaguchi Books

Their website has a map. Go upstairs and there is a big box of postcards to look at. There are a lot of Japanese vintage cards. Prices are pretty reasonable at 6 for 200 yen.


Hello! Just wondering, are the Gotochi postcards only available at the Tokyo Central Post Office, or are there any other major post offices which carry them? thank you!

Hi there, I’m looking for a recommended shop to buy postcards nearby Mita Station. Thanks