Where to get postcards in Ottawa, Canada

Two places to get postcards in Ottawa, Ont. Canada (the nation’s capital):

  1. Irving Rivers. Located on the Byward Market, they have a huge selection of tourist postcards of Ottawa, Ontario, Quebec, and Canada.

  2. The Papery on Bank Street This shop specialises in paper products like cards, envelopes, pens, etc. I purchased a book of 15 different Group of Seven postcards and a book of 15 Canadian Travel Posters postcards, each was $14.95 + tax. They also have some really nice individual postcards at $2.25 apiece.

Google the shop names to see their addresses, map of their location, etc.

Thanks! Fell free to edit the following post where Canada’s postcard stores are consolidated: Canada - Where to Get Postcards.

World of Maps on Wellington St sells some of those word map postcards (~$2)