Where to get postcards in Luxemburg

I’ll be traveling to Luxemburg (City) soon and “have to” send about 10 cards to Postcrossing members. Do you have any recommendations on the best place to buy them and stamps?
One member would like a card with the royal family. Are there cards like that and where would I find those? Before I promise to send one I’d like to be sure I can find one.
Thanks for your help! Ruth

I can’t give any adive about where to buy cards. However, you can order stamps online. They can also be delivered to Germany.

There are many souvenir shops in Luxembourg City that also sell postcards.
Cards with the royal family are available in almost every of these shops.

Stamps are available at every post office.
You can also order the stamps in advance, but they are more expensive.

Luxembourg has plenty of souvenir shops, where you get cards and stamps, even on the Petruss Casemates. But they ask more money for stamps, than the Post does. There are also cards with the Grandduke and his wife.
If I remember correctly, Post Offices are only open Monday to Friday and the headquarters is quite central.

Thanks everybody! I’m in the Netherlands until I will travel to Luxemburg so I won’t be able to order anything beforehand, but that’s ok. If there’re so many shops I guess I’ll find everything I need.

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We’re back from Luxemburg and, yes, there are lots of places to buy postcards but cards with the royal family don’t seem to be popular. It’s quite difficult to find them. Maybe one can get some in a museum but as we were there from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning many were already / still closed.

There is one shop that you should definitely avoid if you’re looking for postcards: it’s Buttereck um Feeschmaart Souvenirs, 10 Rue Siegefroi, Ville Haute
The sales lady is the most unfriendly and rude person I have ever encountered. And she won’t sell stamps to send cards outside Europe! She said: “I’m not obligated to sell stamps! I’d rather not sell postcards to you at all!” And when I then didn’t buy the cards she cursed at me in French (which I do understand).