Where to get postcards in Bratislava, Slovakia?

Hello fellow postcrossers! :wave:t2:
I am going to spend a week in Bratislava, which would be my first time in Slovakia. Could you please give me some advice where I can buy postcards to send to my friends and myself?

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I think there are many souvenir shops downtown, you can’t miss them :slight_smile:

The usual price of a postcard is 0.50€, some “better” are about 0.70 - 1.20€.

Few shops, but definetely a random choice, as there are many shops downtown:

  • Souvenirs, Hlavní náměstí 353/2, 81101 Bratislava - Staré Mesto, Slovensko - Mapy.cz
  • many shops along Michalská and Laurinská street

I really advise you to visit POFIS (philately service) at main post office at Slovak post - Bratislava 1, Námestie SNP 35, 811 00 Staré Mesto, Slovensko. You can get beautiful stamps there - and also a special cancellation marks! You need to find POFIS office, it’s on the right of main gate / entrance. I think there are some limited opening hours, but I think any woking day between 10 - 12 or 13 - 15 is a safe bet. https://maps.app.goo.gl/9ATvaShhJhfGyUwMA

While you will be there, don’t miss the regular post office - just to admire the building. It’s a bit more left (down the street) and when I entered this space, it was just wow to me.

Last, but not least - there is a postbox #1 in Bratislava. I guess you won’t get any special stamp cancellation there, but it might be interesting for you.


The post stamps issued by Slovak post can be seen here: POFIS - Catalog - Products

Check the postage, I think it’s 1.50€ for Europe and 1.60€ for the rest of the world.

Hope this helps!



Some of the cancellations available at POFIS about ten days ago.


Thank you very much for such a detailed answer :star_struck:
I will definitely visit all the places you recommended!