Where to get cards in Liberec/Czech Republic?

Dear Czech Postcrossing friends,

tomorrow, we will leave for holidays near Liberec. We intended to have a week full of snow, sun and cross-country skiing, but the reality seems to be no snow, rain and awful weather…
So, maybe I’ll use all my open slots and also make some friends happy with postcards; seems I’ll have time to go to Liberec city centre and it’s cafés more than once.
Could anyone, maybe @apeiron @MichaelaSourkova @Wendy_Anne @Xeniyya @Martin-CZE @Jezo , tell me where to get nice postcards? Czech cards are great, I especially love the b/w Photo Art cards… Also a hint about the post office which has the nicest stamp variety would be great :smiley:

Thanks so much for any help!
Lisa from Bavaria

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Dear Lisa,

I have not been active for a long time in Postcrossing however it is very nice to hear from somebody visiting Liberec. It has never been easy to get some really nice cards in Liberec and I have been usually shopping for them online. I also do not know how much the situation has changed and if the places I mention below still sell postcards.
However there are a few places you might enjoy and also find some cards here. If you like art I definitely recommend local art gallery. There should be a little shop inside but I am not sure how many different cards they offer. https://www.ogl.cz/

If you like bookshops and antiques make sure you visit Knihkupectví Fryč in Pražská street. Behind the new bookshop there is a beautiful antique shop with plenty old books, graphics and there is a huge offer of old postcards (most of them are written but you can also find some clean). https://maps.app.goo.gl/YQtGdsfqwie2Czqw6

If you would like cards with the city views, you can buy nice ones in Turistic Info Center here https://maps.app.goo.gl/yJa4xUV1AYanYUFt7

I hope you will enjoy your trip and find some pretty postcards on your way! :blush:
Best wishes


Thanks, dear @MichaelaSourkova ! We are looking forward to seeing Liberec - I already know most cities in Czech Republic, but it’s my first visit to Liberec. It seems there’s quite a lot to see…
The bookshop looks like a place where we can easily spend a few rain hours :sweat_smile:
Wishing you a good time and thanks so much for answering after a long time off from postcrossing :kissing_heart:

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Dear Lisa,

I could recommend the Touristic Info center too. Here you can buy many postcards, wooden and holographic too. If you ask the cashier she buy you stamps too. Sometimes I go for stamps here because they have a bigger collection than the main post office near.

I like buy postcards in this shop with artistic supply (colors, stickers, rubber stamps, papers, everything for creative activities). It’s near from the Touristic Info center.

I like buying painting postcards here (the Mount Ještěd, Papírové square) or their postcards with Liberec Town Hall and North Bohemian museum. But this shop is open only from Monday to Friday. The shop is located between square Dr. E. Beneše and Sokolovské square, street Železná. I’m so sorry I’m not able to share the location in Google maps.

I hope I’m not too late with my answer. Enjoy your trip on Liberec.

Best Wishes


Thanks a lot, dear Marketa, @apeiron ,
most appreciating your info! We’re just on the train, passing Plzen now, and we have a week ahead…
The first night we’ll stay on Ješted, so I’ll definitely send cards with it’s image😊
Only leaving Liberec region in a week, so, plenty of time. I’ll check out all places both of you recommended!
All my bests!

Thank you for tagging me, but I can only contribute with found information. Sadly I have no idea where to get postcards in Liberec.

Post office Liberec 1 on square of Dr. E. Beneše should have philatelistic counter, address down below:
nám. Dr. E. Beneše 559/28
Liberec I-Staré Město

However, never been there, so as I said, it’s only found information online.
In nearby there is an online shop www.pohlednictvi.cz (in Pulečný, village not so far away) but in person pick-up must be agreed on beforehand and pay in advance. The owner is very nice and helpful. Here is her postcrossing profile: User luciezpohlednictvi, from Czech Republic

Well, I wish I could help you a bit more! Enjoy your stay here!

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