Where to find Postcards & Stamps in Orlando

Hi all :blush: I’m wondering if anyone can help with the below questions!

:european_castle: Where can I find Disney postcards in Orlando? For example, do they sell them at the Disney parks or can I find them in Disney shops outside the parks?
:roller_coaster: Do Universal sell postcards? If so, where?
:crocodile: Where’s the best place to find Florida-themed (non-Disney/Universal) postcards?

And for stamps -
:fairy: Do they sell stamps at Disney? Or should I go to a post office?
:princess: Also, do they sell Disney/Star Wars stamps in shops/post offices or do they need to be bought online?

Thanks so much to anyone that can help :blush:

Hi Georgia! I’m far away from Florida so I can’t help with the Orlando specific questions, but as far as stamps go:

Post offices are hit or miss with the stamp designs they offer for purchase in-person. The Star Wars Droids stamps from 2021 are no longer sold (unless a PO branch just happens to have some stock leftover that they are willing to sell, but there is no way to really check that.) The “Go Beyond” Buzz Lightyear stamps from 2022 are still sold on the USPS website.

For other Disney themed stamps you would need to order from a stamp dealer and might see a big price markup (like the Disney Villains from 2017, The Art of Disney from 2004-2008, or Disney-Pixar from 2011. Note: The Art of Disney stamps are not Forever stamps so they are only worth the amount printed on them…37 to 42 cents depending on the year of release. There was also a Walt Disney stamp from 1968 which has a face value of 6 cents. Forever stamps are currently worth 66 cents, in January 2024 that will increase to 68 cents.)

I hope that helps a little with your plans :slightly_smiling_face:


Universal studios sell Harry Potter set of 10 postcards, in the owl post office store or the general souvenir shop in the HP section.
I found Florida themed postcards in every tourist/souvenir shop

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I haven’t been to Disney or universal lately but I can tell you Gatorland only has two regular postcards and they aren’t very nice. They also have wooden and 3D but at a very high price

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Perhaps @jaenelle can help.

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Hello Georgia,

I visited the Orlando area in December 2022 and visited three of the four amusement parks in Walt Disney World. I have some bad news: none of the shops within the theme parks sold postcards of the parks nor of Disney characters. (Disneyland in California, however, sold postcards of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure only in prepackaged packs.). I found a few expensive Lion King postcards in the gift shop of Animal Kingdom Lodge. Stamps are not sold inside the Disney parks. You’ll have to buy stamps at a post office in the Orlando area. Most U.S. post offices that do not feature a philatelic section only have the most current stamps. I visit my neighborhood post office about every one to two weeks to buy interesting stamps, and I have not come across any Disney or Star Wars-themed stamps over the past few years. The only exception was the series of stamps featuring Buzz Lightyear. Although 2023 is the centenary of the founding of Walt Disney Studios, there have been no Disney stamps released this year by the United States Postal Service. If you consult the U.S. Postal Service website, you’ll see stamps that are currently for sale online. You can also find the nearest post offices near your Orlando hotel on the same website. I ordered stamps online about two weeks ago, and I did not see any Disney-themed stamps for sale.

I have not visited Universal Studios parks lately, so I cannot give advice regarding Universal Studios postcards for sale.

Have a wonderful time in Orlando!


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There’s a lot of tourist type stores in Orlando and Kissimmee. That’s a good place for postcards. Sometimes they have Disney themed cards. I’m in California and I haven’t had very good luck getting stamps I want driving to multiple post offices, so if you want the Buzz Lightyear stamps, I do recommend buying online in advance.

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@SilverHare Thank you so much for the detailed info on stamps! I didn’t realise the Star Wars stamps were from 2021 so it makes sense they’re no longer sold on the USPS site. I’d rather avoid a big markup if I can so have taken a look at the Buzz Lightyear ones on the USPS site. I believe the international postcard rate is $1.50 (please let me know if this is wrong) :sweat_smile: so I’d need 2x 66c Buzz Lightyear stamps plus a make-up value - and this would be delivered the same as if I used a forever stamp?

@marora it’s so much more convenient that Universal sell postcards there (it sounds like Disney don’t!). Thanks so much, I’ll have to pick up a pack. Good to know Florida themed postcards will be easy to find as well! Do shops that sell postcards, usually also sell stamps?

@DawnMarie3203 Thanks for the heads up on Gatorland. I will keep an eye out for postcards elsewhere in that case.

@Minneapolis612 Thank you so much for your helpful response. What a shame Disney Parks don’t sell postcards or stamps! I saw somewhere they have a postbox in Magic Kingdom so it’s silly they don’t. Maybe it’s so the postbox isn’t overloaded :joy:

What are USPS like with shipping (I know it sounds like a strange question but Royal Mail are notoriously slow and send everything you order separately :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) so just wondering if there’s anything I need to consider like their dispatch time or customs fees on stamps.

@CoffeeMomster I definitely plan on buying some from the tourist shops now given Disney don’t sell any in the parks. Thanks for the info on stamps as well. I’m just looking at ordering online instead - as long as the customs fee doesn’t cost a load…!


Just an fyi - you can sign up to get their magazine for free. It comes once a quarter and lists all the stamps they sell on line (and other merch). Sign up on the website

I almost always have to order on line. My PO rarely has any nice stamps

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It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to order them on the website unfortunately :pensive:

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Yes, you are correct that international postage rate is currently $1.50. When using multiple stamps I think it’s easiest to use 2 domestic forever stamps + 1 additional ounce stamp (the additional ounce is currently the yellow school bus) That’s

.66 + .66 + .24 = $1.56 (so over paying by 6¢)

Edit: Yes, using multiple stamps that add up to at least $1.50 will be delivered the same as if you used a Global Forever stamp :blush:

I’m not sure when your trip is, but prices are scheduled to increase January 21, 2024:

Here’s a screenshot from the linked article:

After the price increase the same stamp combination will still work out:

.68 + .68 + .24 = $1.60 (so overpaying 5¢ when international postage changes to $1.55)


Depending on when your trip is, I did something similar with German postage for forwarding to Russian friends. You could probably purchase them and use a US address for the shipping address and then have the person mail them to you. (I purchased German postage online but had it delivered to someone in Germany who is mailing it to me.)

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They don’t unfortunately. You’d have to get stamps from USPS. Maybe you can ask the hotel you’re staying at if you can let the stamps shipped there


@SilverHare That’s really helpful, thank you so much! Coming from the UK I still think $1.55 is really good value for an international postcard when it costs an eye-watering £2.25 ($2.75) from here :sob: but I can imagine it’s not welcome news to US postcrossers as no one likes a price increase!

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Oh, yes, I know our prices are good compared to many other places! The USPS is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government that is meant to provide a service to its citizens (as opposed to being a privatized business that aims to make lots of money.) It’s my understanding that there will be price increases every 6 months from now on so it will be interesting to see what prices are like in the future :grimacing: or worse yet if it becomes privatized :frowning_face:


Hi! I was there last month for Halloween and happened to send mail from Magic Kingdom :smiling_face: my insights:

-Stamps: I bought mine prior my trip with the help from a US friend. On your first day you can also visit a USPS Store or Money Center at Walmart but I recommend buying them online ahead. If you stay at Disney property you can have them delivered there but there’s a $6 fee per package you receive.

-Special ink stamp: at every park you can get an special stamp, you have to go to the Guest Relations office. At Universal they have a special one at the Sanrio Store, at the Owl Post at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, staff is a bit bitter though, but I still got my postcards stamped. Disney cast members are great! I took my postcards to character greetings and also got autographs.

-Postcards: you can buy an official Disney postcard set for $20 at World of Disney at Disney Springs or at gift shops at parks and hotels. It comes in a package of 10 postcards. There is an official one from Universal Studios too, I saw it at the big Universal Store outside the park and since I stayed on property they also had it at the resort. It’s a bit cheaper than the Disney one but I can’t remember the price.

I also found cheap and cute postcards at Target and at the gift shops from International Drive and Icon Park.

Have a magical trip!!!


I completely forgot until reading @umdragon comment. There’s a post box somewhere in the Disney Hollywood park. I forgot my friend sent a postcard from there.

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@umdragon This is SO helpful - thank you so much :raised_hands: You bet I’ll be getting all of those special stamps :smile: I’ll keep an eye out for the postcard packs too. It’s good to know I’m looking for a pack rather than individual postcards.

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@CoffeeMomster Ooh, thank you! I’ve pinned that article. I wouldn’t have realised they were real postboxes if I saw them in the parks.

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You are welcome! The mailbox on Magic Kingdom is right on the entrance, next to Guest relations, I have a photo on my ig.

As for the postcard set, this is the one I got at the Parks.

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