Where to find postcards in Walt Disney World, Florida

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My (adult) daughter is in Disney this week (March 20, 2022) and will be picking up postcards. However, I am learning that they are not so easy to find?
I’m looking for recommendations from people who have been able to find Disney postcards, and where?

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Probably very expensive in the park. Maybe cheaper in stores that serve tourists (selling tshirts, souvenirs etc) or gas stations in Orlando near the park


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Yes, it is best to buy Disney postcards from the “tourist shops,” especially on or near International Drive. I live in Central Florida and that is usually where I buy my Disney stuff. Let your daughter know, and I hope she enjoys our weather and the park.
Pat in Florida


I’m a former cast member and you will only be able to find a few postcards at WDW. To my knowledge there are a couple of postcard sets being sold, at the main large shops like Emporium, Mouse Gear, World of Disney… and it used to be that a few of the resort hotels had a card for sale their of their hotel but I’m not sure about that anymore. Postcards can be found at the tourist shops on International Drive and also at Walgreens/CVS however they are not many designs and not that interesting.


Hi Judi,
I got many nice Disney postcards at the airport.
However, it was already a few years back and I do not know how is the postcard situation right now :slight_smile:
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Is there a difference between “official” Park purchased cards, and cards purchased by other means? Or is Disney, just Disney no matter where you get it?

Sorry, can’t answer your question about the difference between official and non official cards, but when I went in 2019, I was able to find postcard packs in the gift shop of the hotel lobby, and they also had a Star wars themed one in one of the stores of the Star wars themed section of the park

(Of course it’s probably more expensive inside Disney property than outside)


Yes. I have a pack of Official Disneyland cards purchased in Anaheim. They say Disneyland Resort and Disney Parks.

The Mickey and Minnie and Disney Princess ones I bought at a Walmart. Those were published by postcard factory. And have their information printed along with copyright Disney.


Very helpful :+1:

Thanks so much!