Where to find postcards in London?

Hi everyone!
Since my concert-trip to London might finally take place in 2022, I think I can’t start early enough to plan it :smiley:
I won’t have too much time to stroll around the city, so I need to make a plan in advance. An here’s my question:
Do you have any advices on where to find the best postcards? I’m thinking of nice view-cards but also royal cards, maybe also older ones. I remember from my last trip to London in 2016 that I had some problems finding cards of Princess Diana, which surprised me a bit… Maybe there are some insider tips?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

For view cards and royal cards…there are plenty in any of the tourist souvenir shops in Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus or along Oxford Street.

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The large Westfield Shopping Malls in Shepherds Bush (West) and Stratford (East), London both have a number of book/stationary shops like WH Smiths that sell tourist/Royal postcards.

In the West End and the City, lots of newspaper and tourist shops sell various postcards including humour postcards.

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The free museums have nice postcards in their gift shops. These are usually about £1 each though.

I also like Red Bus Shop on the South Bank near the Clink Museum for cheap view cards. I got 6 for a £1 and 6 for £2 (slightly better quality) last time I was there.


Last time I was in the capital I went to the Postal Museum, great stamps and some postcards (not many) there. Have a look in Charity shops if you come across them as well, (Oxfam is best). Enjoy your time in London. :slight_smile:


Important! Wherever you buy postcards in London, DO NOT buy the stamps they offer you, unless you are certain they are Royal Mail stamps (with the Queen’s head).

The tourist “Universal Mail” postage stamps are pretty, but your mail will take a 3-month detour to the Philippines or somewhere, before it gets delivered (if it arrives at all!)


Thank you all so far, I’ll save all of your recommendations :slight_smile:

Oh that’s good to know. Thank you!

Try Paper Chase, best one at Goodge Street Station. They have many nice cards.

Sometimes you can get nice cards at Camden Lock Market, but not always. Of course you will find the usual “Keep calm…” cards there.

By all means visit
Tate Modern
Tate Britain
National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery
Postcards are quite inexpensive and of course something special.
If you want really great, artist’s postcards with envelope, try the bookstores.

Have fun in London!

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Hi, Just out of curiosity, what concert are you attending?

I’m going to see the killers at the Emirates Stadium :hugs:

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Last time I went to the postal museum they didn’t have any and I was very sad , because I had bought from them before and they were brilliant, but I did find some nice ones in the British library

Shame that. I’ve not been for some years… I know from Trafalgar Square there’s a few easy to find shops that do 12 postcards for a £1…

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Noted that, thanks! :slight_smile:

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