Where to find postcards in Limburg, The Netherlands?

Hi! I live in the beautiful Limburg, but i have trouble finding nice cards here! I got a few in Weert, but they only have a limited option and i don’t live there…

Any fellow Dutch postcrossers who can give me some postcard shop tips??

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey :wave:
I live nearby and I have some nice cards from Thorn. You can buy them at the office of Toerisme

And another option is making your own postcards :slightly_smiling_face: In my town there are few postcards available and I have taken my own photographs and used Zazzle to have them printed.

Hoi Ivy, ik koop mijn kaarten meestal online om inderdaad die reden dat er weinig winkels zijn met postkaarten (m.u.v. de toeristische ansichtkaarten in elk dorp). Toevallig was ik laatst in Maastricht en daar vond ik The Paper Shop! Dat was geweldig want hier hebben ze alléén maar postkaarten! :slight_smile: Groetjes Kelly


I go to Limburg regularly for business. Valkenburg is the famous tourist town so there are plenty of postcards to find there. There was a big souvenir shop near the old town gate but they closed. But if you walk around the old town I am sure you’ll find plenty of shops with postcards.